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How to Use the Embellisher (TM) Mobile Publishing App in Education

Connecting Teacher and Learner for Instant Education

instant education

I initially developed the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App for online education.  Why?  When I taught online for 15 years, I discovered that the best way to reach learners was through their mobile devices.  My students were on-the-go and self-motivated.  After using Blackboard and Moodle, which were the most common Course Management Systems in use, I discovered I had to spend a lot of my personal time (usually at the start of the course) getting my students properly registered and logged into my CMS instead of starting to teach.  As a result, many students became distanced from the learning experience (a bad thing–especially when online education is already an isolating endeavor).  Therefore, in order to provide the educational intimacy necessary for the best learning experience, I came up with my present system of publishing and learning.

Using Occam’s Razor in Education

While I was at Caltech, the method of teaching most enjoyed by instructors utilized the “occam’s razor” technique.  Indeed.  When one has a collection of students which averages a 4.0 GPA out of high school, one quickly learns to adapt to the method of teaching which proves most productive.  Let me be both bold and controversial with my statements here:


  • Students are getting ripped-off by educational publishing.
  • Students are getting ripped-off by Course Management Systems.

    These two realities were the proximate causes of my developing the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App after my retirement from education.  After winning online teaching awards, I soon saw that teaching needed to move to the next level of excellence:  delivering content to mobile devices.  Not only could students pay less for textbooks (they can be created by the instructor(s) right inside a virtual studio), they could also become connected instantly with the teacher 24/7, and updates to both the textbook and the curricula could be made without additional middlemen (administration and big academic publishing) getting in the way.

    Make no mistake. Professors are well aware of the stranglehold that big academic publishing has on the education establishment. However, since academic freedom still trumps profit, the course and textbook delivery system that can both provide a seamless learning experience and save the students a lot of money, should win out in the end. If my system isn’t used, then some variance of it should be adapted in the near future. If not, then students and their parents should begin to apply pressure on the administration to make it a reality.

    The Reasons Why Mobile Publishing and Course Delivery Will Prevail


  • The costs to deliver course content and publish textbooks and curricula can be decreased over 50%.
  • The login and communication problems between instructor/facilitator and learner can be reduced immediately.
  • Academic freedom will become more important once the communications through mobile app become prevalent.
  • Many more interactive add-ons can be utilized with an open-source application.

    According to the 2011 report referenced above from the United States Navy (as a Navy vet, I have always been a proponent of the Navy’s advanced educational system and early adoption of the newest methods), the student satisfaction after taking a course using a mobile app, was quite good. “The participants were asked to rate the overall
    satisfaction with the mobile TIP course. The question
    was rated on a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (very
    satisfied). Thirty-eight percent of the respondents rated
    the mobile Tip course with a “5”, 46% rated it with a
    “4”, 13% rated it with a “3”, and 1 person gave it a “2”
    rating. There was definitely a high level of satisfaction
    among the participants. Out of those who had
    previously completed the eLearning version of the
    course, 70% of the participants actually preferred the
    mobile version to the eLearning version.”

    Educators Can Try EMRE Publishing’s System for Free

    We want educators to try our system for free. In order to do this, we must be certain you are an educator who can implement our system at your school or college. We also accept private and for-profit institutions. Once approved, you will receive Admin access to our basic app system. You can see how the various components work, and perhaps come up with some needs you might have if we were to install our publishing app on your server. Our basic installation (with tailoring for brand) costs $500 for one Admin access. Our “turnkey app” is now available for installation. This version will cost $750, and it includes unlimited Publisher interfaces for individual teachers/publishers. In fact, for more progressive institutions, students can also be given privileges to create ePub3 (multimedia) eBooks and share them via our Forum component with other students and the instructor. Please contact us for a free consult to determine if you would benefit from free access and if you qualify. The key is to work with you and your institution to get the ingredients that will most benefit your student population and the instructors who teach them.