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Me Tarzan, You Jane. Let’s Get These Publishers Out of the Amazon Jungles!

Mobile Publishing as Told By a Futurist

Book Promotion, Circa 2016

I met Jane Friedman virtually through an interview she did with another publishing expert, Joanna Penn.  What attracted me to her futuristic discussion about where publishing is going was her assessment of the overall playing field for all authors and publishers.  We must do as General Dwight D. Eisenhower said was the way you become a good leader by “seeing which way the people are going and get in front of them.”

This explains a lot of so-called “mysteries” concerning what’s happening with the big players in the publishing business.  Jane speaks of the “shadow world” of publishing.  This is the world of the independents.  We march to the beat of different drummer, and many of the big publishing players aren’t paying much attention to us.  However, as Jane points out, “I think they’re saying before 2019 or something. It’s really amazing. So basically to put cheap mobile and streaming Internet at, I think, 4G speed to every person on earth through balloons and through all this other stuff.”

If the big players are going to streaming land, then you know the power paradigm will be shifting to those who can keep up with the speed required to promote and publish via mobile devices.  When I established my company a few years back, my intent was to create a completely mobile publishing platform that the author/publisher can take with him/her.  In effect, it’s a mobile-friendly way to do your business with your readers in a much more intimate and cost-conscious manner.  Thus, you have some “myths about mobile” that have been cropping up.  One of those myths says that “people are switching from reading eBooks to reading print copies of books.”  Not so.  If you take into consideration all the mobile device readers out there, the figures become astronomically in favor of the digital reader.

The final take-away from this interview was the fact that Ms. Friedman recognizes the underlying “Holy Grail” for all publishers, including independents and self-publishers.  “It’s as simple as writing a book and building up a customer list.”  We at EMRE Publishing believe that both independents and the big publishers will be looking for better platforms to accomplish this same goal.  That’s why we’re in business.

Prize Story Gets Big Treatment in New York

Newsday Features Story by Jim Musgrave

Sophia Chang, reporter for Long Island’s Newsday, will be featuring the prize-winning short story by EMRE Publishing’s author and CEO, Jim Musgrave.   Continue reading Prize Story Gets Big Treatment in New York

New Additions to Embellisher

Want to Be Your Own Mobile Oyster or Scribd?



One of the newest additions to the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is a way to charge one price for unlimited reading of your titles.  Yes, just the way Scribd and Amazon are doing it.  As the owner of the self-install of our flagship product, you’ll be able to sell multimedia , conventional, newspapers, magazines or even audiobooks for a single price, with a click of a button.  It’s built right inside the Administration back-end of your system, and you can designate which users you want to become part of this sales extravaganza.  The reader simply needs to pay for this feature, and then you designate her as getting all eBooks for free.  Imagine all the readers you’ll get inside the eReader once they know you charge a single price for all they can read!

The advantage of your selling using the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing and Marketing System is that you’ll be able to sell to niche audiences that want to read a lot of books in a certain genre.  Just follow our Five Step Plan, and you’ll soon have readers signing up for your titles.

Download in Three Formats

We have also added two other versions of downloads for those Administrators who want to save their creations in .mobi or .pdf. digital formats.  Of course, the only version that can be read completely (all videos and playlists) inside our Embellisher™ eReader is the .epub3 format.  Therefore, one should not try to save an eBook that is created with video or with a music playlist in .pdf or .mobi, because it will not be readable (or sellable) inside any other eReader.  Of course, if you create a conventional eBook (without multimedia), you’ll be able to download and sell it using the .mobi (Amazon Kindle) or .epub (Apple iBooks) formats.  This is important to the author who wants to deliver in these formats to add to her profits.

Sell Your Print on Demand Titles


We know that readers are still buying more print copies of books, so we have made it easy to sell your books inside our system.  For example, if you sell a print-on-demand copy of your title, you can create an interactive promotional eBook with a video book trailer, an interview with you, and a sampling of the book, right inside your creation.  What makes this a great way to sell print titles is the fact that all the reader needs to do is open the app in his Smartphone or tablet, push a “buy button,” and she will automatically be given the interface at your print store at Createspace or wherever you have your print copies printed.  Here’s the link to our CEO’s fourth mystery, Steam City Pirates.  You would use that URL and simply insert it as a link whenever the user clicks on your “purchase button” inside the promotional eBook you’ve created inside the ePub3 Creator Studio.

Authors and publishers are buying our sale-priced self-install of the system before it goes back up in price.  You can download and install it for the price of $500, until May 31, 2015, which includes the complete eReader and ePub3 Creator Studio, as well as the full Administrative controls of the store and user interfaces.

Grandma Playlist

Music Can Bring the Generations Together




Connect Across the Years with the Family Love Time Capsule

For an entire month, EMRE Publishing LLC is letting you connect free with your loved one across the state or across the globe in a very special and private way.  We know about Mother’s Day and all that it entails, but what if you could create a special book of love that would be cherished for years and could make the so-called “generational divide” disappear? A unique Playlist is easily created by you inside a carefully crafted application that can be played on most any mobile device. This is what we offer.

Music Connects Like No Other Method of Communication

Jim Musgrave, CEO of EMRE, is a grandfather, and he knows music connects the generations because of his affiliation with the Music and Memory Project headed by Dan Cohen, MSW.  When Mr. Musgrave’s wife, Ellen, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he wanted to give others a way to connect with their relatives and loved ones in the same way Dan was able to do at his Music and Memory Project.  In fact, Jim’s company gives Dan a portion of sales so Dan can give the elderly the iPods they need to communicate.

Jim learned from Dan that lives were changed when they were able to listen to the music of their generation because it triggered both emotions and memories–even in Alzheimer’s patients.  The Family Love Time Capsule project was born out of this endeavor, and now you can become a living part of this awesome tribute to families everywhere!

You Can Begin the Musical Bouncing Ball


 To begin the love connection, all you do is follow these simple steps:

First, sign-up for a free month of studio time by going here.  Click on the Family Love Time Capsule Small Family Creator Plan.  You need to enter your credit card information, but it’s very secure SSL, and your card will not be charged for a full month.  This will give you more than enough time for you and your loved one to create and exchange music memories.  It takes less than an hour for a person familiar with basic editing functions, and it becomes another “gift” when the younger person can teach the elder how to create or embed her own playlist into the Family Love Time Capsule Template.  As you will discover, there is much more to be learned and exchanged if you decide you want to continue your subscription after the month is up.  The Music and Memory Project will also get its share of what you pay for the monthly subscription fee.

Next, the person with the most experience using editing software should create his or her love token first.  You do this by learning how the “insert template works” and how the “insert Playlist function works”.  Watch these two tutorials to learn.  (Note:  These tutorials will also be inside the ePub Creator Studio after you’ve become a small family member.)

How to Insert the Family Love Time Capsule Template

(click bottom right to enlarge full screen view)

How to Use the “Insert Playlist Feature” in the Epub Creator Studio

(click bottom right to enlarge full screen view)

If you prefer to embed your playlist right inside the Family Love Time Capsule Template, then you can go to a website like 8tracks.com and create a playlist and copy the embed code into your Family Love Time Capsule Template.  Here are the top five websites to create your own playlist.

After Creation Comes the Fun

Once your love playlist is created, you can then upload it into the application store to be viewed by your family members who sign-up for access to the free Embellisher™ eReader app.  The application is completely free; it’s only your membership that costs anything, so you can even send each member of the family you want to get this “musical love telegram” a unique “invite” to open their app and read what you’ve created.  You can do this by using this code:  https://emrepublishing.com/embellisher-ereader/index.html?bookid=15  You simply replace the unique bookid number of your eBook by viewing it in the store (click on the “view in store” button in the ePub Creator Studio) and copying the id number of your book and writing it into the link I gave you (replace the 15 with your number).  This link can then be copied and pasted into an email or even sent by snail mail so the user need only enter it in a web browser.  The result is that your Family Love Time Capsule eBook with playlists will open instantly in the Embellisher™ eReader to be enjoyed!  In addition, the eBook can be viewed across platforms, in the cloud, so it opens exactly where the user left off on the first mobile device that was used.

Of course, you can always add your unique touches to the template, and if you get a great idea, then be sure you teach your creative partner how it’s done.  Also, we would like to collect a bunch of the best creations to show-off to our family of members.  You could even win a free year’s premium level access by entering your ePub Family Love Time Capsule.