The Business of Writing a Book

Why Write?

Why did the chicken cross the road?  That’s about the gist of it.  Flannery O’Conner said she wrote because she wanted to find out what she thought about something.  To me, that’s as good a reason as any.  Whatever your purpose for placing those symbols on the page, it is important for you to own what you write.  You need to own your own thoughts once they become inscribed because the law gives you dominion over them as a copyright.  Whether you get paid or not, of course, is a horse of a very different color.  Once an author is paid for his copy written work, this writer then becomes a professional author.

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How to Write

Funny you should ask.  As a college writing teacher for over 20 years, I was, from time to time, a pretty good instructor.  I especially enjoyed using the Internet to teach my “eager” writing students.  I put the quotes around the word “eager” because writing, after all, is work.  Even though writers like John Updike (rest his soul) bemoaned the Internet for dragging down the quality of writing in general, I was an optimist about maintaining the quality of creativity in writing—especially in my students. Long story short, I now have my own business, and I present to the public a free, online creative writing course aimed at teaching anybody the basics of using “creative writing techniques” to extract the proper prose from one’s head and to put it down on the page so it is attractive to the reader’s senses.  That’s right, my business revolves around creating multi-sensory experiences in writing, so that’s the aim of my online course.  In addition, since I train my clients how to create enhanced or what we like to call “embellished” multi-sensory eBooks, I also offer an advanced course that is not free.

When to Write

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?  You should not write as a professional until you’ve learned your craft.  In my specific case, I want all my students to be able to create multimedia eBooks, so they must not only be competent authors of ordinary books, they also must learn the new craft of ePub3 technology.  Do not fret, our ePub3 Creator’s Studio is available to all our authors 24/7, so they can learn as they create by using the provided tutorials and taking the aforementioned creative multi-sensory writing courses.  When to write then becomes, “when the spirit strikes you.”

So, as we can see, writing can be a profession, a hobby or a way to create multi-sensory eBooks.  At EMRE Publishing, we have the only eReader application that contains not only the best reading experience in multi-sensory format, but we also include a forum for authors and readers to hang-out together, and the only ePub3 creation studio on the market.  If you happen to enjoy putting symbols on the page, then you may want to explore with us the cutting-edge of this exciting new craft.

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