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Audiobook and Enhanced Version of Chinawoman's Chance James Musgrave

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    The first female attorney in Nineteenth Century California becomes a detective to save her client. Clara Shortridge Foltz is the first woman appointed to the California State Bar in 1884 San Francisco.  She must find the real killer of eight women before her client gets hanged. Together with her translator, Ah Toy, she faces the patriarchal domination of the courts and the city's police force.  Clara enlists the help of Captain of Detectives, Isaiah Lees, with whom she becomes enamored. Can they find the murderer before George Kwong is executed on Russian Hill?  There are many twists and unexpected turns in this exciting new, historically accurate mystery. [audio mp3=""][/audio]

    "An engaging mystery with a historically informative feminist bent."  

    Anita Lock, Clarion Book Reviews, Foreword Reviews   "It was a darn good read and an excellent mystery."     Grant Leishman, Author of The Second Coming   "I envision Chinawoman's Chance as a staple in the library of many historical mystery collectors."   Lisa McCombs, Author of I Have MS From author James Musgrave, Chanticleer International CLUE Book Award winner with multiple mystery titles "Featured" by the American Library Association.
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Forevermore (embellished version) Forevermore (embellished version)

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Join Me in a Wild West Adventure in Creativity

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Dear Readers of the Portia of the Pacific Series,

I am creating a new process of distributing enhanced, multimedia eBooks (ePub3) to my readers.  You can be in on the fun.

I am teaching a class on developing these new, secure, ePub3 titles, and we are on the warpath to take-down the Amazons of the world!

What does this mean for you?  Here are the advantages of you reading inside my new, enhanced Embellisher (TM) eReader:

  • You purchase your titles in the most secure eReader distribution platform available (Amazon lost publishers over 3 billion dollars, last year alone, to pirates and Torrent moochers).  As a former Caltech professor and software developer, I spent 10 years creating my platform for that single purpose:  make it the most secure for both artist and reader.
  • You can become invested in the creative process of your favorite author.  The social interaction is also developed right inside the platform.
  • The five previous titles in the Portia of the Pacific Series were sold using the conventional methods, through Amazon, etc., but the new digitally enhanced version of the sixth mystery in the series, Stingaree, will be sold exclusively through the Embellisher platform to make the reader and artist more secure. The privacy of the reader and of the author’s intellectual content and extra multimedia contributions by other artists are our paramount concern.
  • You will be treated like royalty.  As an independent author, I will be able to send you IMs through the app, so you know exactly when a new title is available.
  • You will also be allowed to contribute ideas and to win contests.

With this final point in mind, I am sending you to see Stingaree (in development) for yourself.  The purpose of my course on ePub3 development is to recruit technologists and artists from the world over to help me finish my new book!  That’s right.  We defeat the Amazons by concentrated engergy and committment.  You can become a part of being the little Davy who slays Goliath.  My contributing artists will submit to me original music tracks to the playlist you’ll see inside this sample (with links to their current albums and their websites, in return).  They will also do animations, book trailers, audiobook recordings, and other interactive features (like the “choose your own suspect insert-story”) that’s going to be inside the final version of Stingaree.  They will also help me produce the best ePub3 book on the market, and you can help us make it popular.

Please, if you’re interested in receiving a free ePub3 review copy of Stingaree, and becoming Clara’s “virtual street team of promoters,” then register inside the database of the Embellisher platform (no emails are sold or used for purposes other than promoting the EMRE Publishing titles).

Go here, and then click on the account icon (little man on the upper-right side of the page).  Enter your email and a password.  After you’re registered, you can access the Stingaree sample (in development) here.  You can also enter the new contest to be an actual suspect (by name) inside the Stingaree mystery by entering my raffle here (only 2 days left).  You can find out what it was like to be one of these characters by talking with my “Asylum Ladies,” Lisa Wilkinson, Jessica Adkins-Walek, Sidney Reyes, Kathy Button Yantis, and Angela Thoma, at the Portia of the Pacific Facebook page here.  They were morphed into the five “patients” inside the Stockton Insane Asylum of my third mystery in the series.

Please join us by registering in the Embellisher and taking a look at the work-in-progress copy of Stingaree.  You can read the synopsis here.

Adios amigas y amigos!  Hasta luego, y con muchas gracias! 

See you with Clara Foltz in San Diego.

James Musgrave

Author and Owner of EMRE Publishing

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