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Scams versus Plans

There is one common denominator that all scam artists, publishers and self-publishers have in common:  we all want to make money.  

However, the main objective is to make money from the reader paying his or her hard-earned money for a good reading experience.  Of course, publishers and self-publishers realize that in order to get their quality manuscript in the front of readers’ noses, they must spend money.  Scam artists, however, want the writers to spend their hard-earned money on everything but getting the manuscript in front of the readers’ noses.

Thankfully, with the advent of the Internet, there are quick ways to weed out scam artists.  For example, one respected author, Piers Anthony, has listed an ever-growing list of scam publishers that he has researched.  He does this research because as an author, both for big publishers and for himself, he wants other aspiring authors to know where to look when they want to get published.  As you scan over his list, you can see that making money off inexperienced authors is quite a big business in this country.

The scams I hate the most, however, are the ones that utilize technology to spread their vicious “dream machine” medicine show.  One such outfit calls itself “Self-Publishing School.”  As an author, publisher and retired college teacher, this kind of scam strikes home.  Not only do they use the old “bait-and-switch” tactic, they also leverage their scam by using false claims and “get rich quick” language.  Every respected teacher of writing, publisher of writing and author of writing knows, “being an author is like going into a hail storm in a bikini.”  If you don’t get beaten down by the experience of rejections, marketing scams and receiving no respect, you end up deciding to become a self-publisher, and that’s where I was when I created my platform to address the problems of good writers who just want to get their manuscript in front of the right readers’ noses.

As an advocate of independent publishing, I make no judgments about the manuscript you have written.  Amazon is (mostly) like that.  The final judge of your writing should always be the reader.  My Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App was created by me and Bas Van Stein, a genius programmer at the University of Leiden.  We created it because we wanted to give each and every author a good shot at getting their manuscripts in front of the noses of readers who will most want to read the book they have written.

Rifled Mobile Marketing is the Key to the Best Publishing Plan

Good Business Good Karma

Whether you use our system or not, your main objective is to get your reader to buy your book.  If you have a book, then you had a reader in mind when you wrote that book.  That’s logical.  That same logic leads one to ask oneself, “Where should I spend the most money to get my book in front of my reader’s nose?”  Even the big publishers know there is only one answer to this question:  “You need to reach the reader who reads your kind of book, and you need to keep that reader wanting to read more of your books.”  This is the logic I used when I instructed Bas to develop our application.

Certainly, we charge our publishers money to adopt our plan.  An author who wants to reach his readers must first choose the kind of technological application that will best serve his/her best interests.  This means you must know who your audience is before you begin publishing your book.  For example, we have a client who has advanced degrees in Nursing and in Business, but she wrote a book about showing foreign nurses how to become a nurse in America.  Why?  She wrote it because she had been a foreign nurse, and she wanted to help others of her kind to succeed.  To me, that is the most admirable goal one can have.  That’s the goal Bas and I had when we developed our app.  We wanted to help fellow authors harness technology to compete with the biggest publishers and retailers who were taking big chunks of money out of what we saw as the authors’ money because they were the creators.  Why shouldn’t the writer get most of the money?  It’s only fair.  It’s only logical.  And, most importantly, it’s not a scam to think it’s fair.

Shirley Franks believed me when I told her she should teach the practical skills nurses need to know to do a good job.  The result of that one statement set Shirley to using her Masters in Business Administration in the best way possible.  She learned what my app could do to assist her in her goal, and she bought it.  Today, she is preparing a direct mailing to graduate nurses who need to pass the “Nurse Practicum Test.”  She will teach them using our ePub Creator Studio to develop ePub3 (multimedia) texts which will contain videos, graphics and practical lessons to get them over that last hurdle to becoming a nurse.  The key, of course, is that our app also allows Shirley to target directly only those readers who will benefit from her teaching materials.  I was able to guide her to those lists of nurses, and I was able to show her how to use our free direct email marketing program to deliver her course to them.  This, my author friends, is the best way to be an author.

The author who knows who his audience is, and who writes the book that will be of interest to that audience, is the author who can best benefit from our Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App.  Why not spend the money up-front so you can get your material in front of their noses?  If they have a need to read and use your book, then they will pay their money.  The rest, as they say, is on the Best Seller Lists.

The future of publishing will be in the hands of those authors who want to earn the majority of the cost of a book they have created.  “Creation” has taken on a much more idiosyncratic meaning, and we at EMRE Publishing, LLC, want you to know we are with you every step of your way to see that you earn the most money for your hard-earned research, experience and creativity.  My wife, Ellen, who was also a lover of great literature and a college teacher, is dying of Lewy Body Dementia in the same room I am now writing.  If I can help one nurse author reach another nurse who needs to become a better nurse, who can then help somebody like my beloved wife, then I have done my job.  Being an author or publisher is not all about making money.  It’s also about sending out good karma to others.

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