Educators are Still Necessary for Literacy and Teaching

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First, as a teacher most of my life, here’s my take on current affairs with my teacher colleagues:

Despite the supposed increase in jobs in the U.S.A., teaching jobs are decreasing, and these supposed “educators” of our young, mostly don’t get paid bupkis compared to most other developed countries in the world and what they pay their teachers. What’s up with that?
Does everybody just need A.I. and a loose brain to be cognizant of the state of the world today? Who watches the leaders to keep them “honest”? Who is responsible for keeping academic freedom alive to explore all religions, all wars, all sciences, and all scams perpetrated by our leaders?
Oh. We just divide all our learners up and control them by “special interest groups and dogmatic religions.” Plus, maintain the constantly increasing cost of higher education to make that sector unaffordable for the masses of lower-wage, mostly poor folks. Or, they can go to Donald Trump’s scam school of “Making a Deal.”
And, the ones who do pay to go to school are kept “pleased” by what we used to call “consumer education” or “trophy education,” whereby professors at Yale and Harvard give all “As” while, on the side, telling the student what he/she really earned if the teacher had the “power” to give him/her the “C” or “D” earned.
Finally, with A.I. perfected cheating, what difference does it make until that passing student has to get out in the “real world” where the high-end jobs will already be taken by foreigners and those with superior educations? What about the “big picture” and the discipline necessary to compete in our fractured, top-heavy society where “the top ten percent of households own 76% of all wealth in the U.S., while the bottom 50% of households own just 1% of all wealth”? Not open for study because our teachers don’t get paid enough, they quit, and nobody cares unless they can argue about being gay or trans.

In my historical novels, and I’ve said this quite a bit over the years, I take issues ripped from current society and transport the reader back in time to when the same problem existed, except the technologies were different, and yet, quite often, the same rationales were being used to cause conflict among the characters.

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