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Successful Israeli Author Shares Her Secrets (translated from Hebrew)

This article will explain how the techniques used by a successful Erotica novelist can be accelerated by using our new Turnkey Edition of the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App.  I will first give the technique, and then I will show how it can be used inside our app to its greatest advantage.


Writing Means Marketing

Marketing, a book or any other product, it’s a job. It requires research, an organized plan, and time. From morning until late at night. I have collected some tips that worked for me.  I hope to save you some of the work.


Setting Your Target Audience

First thing, before anything else, is it clear to you who your target market is? After you have defined your target audience, do you know where to find it? Facebook, forums, everywhere outside the network. You should think outside the box. Who else might be interested in my book apart from the obvious crowd?

I avoided falling into the pattern of an erotic book, even though my trilogy is definitely Erotica. I turned to women, this audience is interested in mental disorders, and I also branded myself as a woman and a mother, too, as an author, and my personal story was like Cinderella. The question most asked by my audience was not how do I write sex scenes, but how do I manage to write with three children at home. (Incidentally, the answer is: at night, between nine pm to three am. It took four and a half months, three books, and they are all thick …)

The Embellisher Mobile Publishing App gives the author the platform to do direct marketing to her chosen audience.  All the tools are contained inside our app:  1. A mobile forum from which to communicate directly with your readers and answer their questions.  2.  A mobile creator studio within which you can create your eBooks (even ePub3 multimedia) and sell them directly to your readers through the app’s store.  3.  An email sending system (equivalent to MailChimp) whereby you can send campaigns direct to your mobile audience.  4.  A complete set of marketing tools in your publisher app (coupon discounts, meta data, preload of eBook into your reader’s library, etc.).

Creating Buzz

When I decided to publish my books, I realized very quickly that I was not selling just a book, I recognized that my full story included me. I understood that I had no choice but to be exposed, and I did it without any reluctance. I soon learned that many of my readers often look for the character behind the book, so I got them interested in my story as well.  I did this by sharing. What did I share? I shared about the writing process, my moods, fatigue, and the relevant events of my life. I can post to my Facebook what I ate for breakfast, and it will get responses. My readers find me interesting, long after they have completed their three books.

You cannot avoid exposure and expect that the book will sell itself. All the most popular authors maintain accounts with Facebook, Twitter and keep their own websites. They are active on social networks. They learn quickly that their readers are looking for them. And they give them a glimpse into their lives. Call it admiration or curiosity. Ultimately, this kind of social marketing is reflected in the royalties in your bank account.

Again, all of these techniques were made easier for our author when her distributor purchased the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App.  She no longer needed to create a separate website for herself because she had her own platform inside the app.  She had a private store, a private forum and private email campaign tools.  What better way to reach a niche (erotica) audience?  Privacy!

I use my website to give my audience a free sample of my books.  With my first book, I published two chapters, one each on Tuesday and Thursday, and then requests came to buy the complete book.

I left the two chapters up, and to this day I get comments and requests to buy.

The Embellisher™ app made this task a lot easier for her.  She was able to send samples directly to her audience’s private cell phone, so the sale became much more discreet and privately popular.  Each reader became enthusiastic that she was the only one being given the chance to read the next book in the line of erotic adventures.

I also hire professionals to do all my book covers and designs on my website.  I also Post two blog entries every day. I respond to people. My post discussed the topics in my next book, so that it “dripped” with expectations and interest.  These pertinent blogs lead to maximizing my sales when the book is finally sold live.

Again, using the Mobile Forum makes these kinds of posts that much more valuable and private.  It’s like having your own Goodreads inside an app (without all the other competitors to steal your thunder).

Use Keywords for Recognition

Search social websites by keyword groups and be active in these groups. The goal is for them to recognize you. In my case, with erotica, my search terms included: entrepreneurship, women, mothers, books, and each name of an erotic book published in Israel. I was a member of 20 discussion groups. I studied each one.

I saved Important Announcements until Sunday!


Other Marketing Ideas

Visual media are getting the most traffic.  Photos and videos usually get the most response. And always, always, write a few words about why you published it. Connect it with you and/or a personal story you have.  The Embellisher Studio makes embedding videos a breeze.

I also gave away free signed copies in exchange for shares.  I got more than 50 shares per book.

I respond to each reader separately.  Why?  Because that one reader will see how nice I am and tell her friends!

In my marketing email campaigns, I always explain how environmentally friendly eBooks are and how much more royalties I get (with the Embellisher™ it’s 85%).

With the mobile app, I also explain how having my app on their device gives them a private and personal connection with me and the subject matter.  My audience believes (with good reason) that our mutual admiration for the content is that much more important and exclusive inside an author’s application.

With the one app to navigate, the buying process is 100 times easier than on Amazon (where they take 30% off the top).

Make noise–ask your readers to give you ideas for your next book. Do you have a marketing network of hundreds of people?  Then you should learn to manipulate it. There is no bad idea. I have a long list of ideas, ranging from the production of fashion inspirations to having sex in public places.

A few ideas that worked really, really well:

a.  If your book has songs, create a playlist on YouTube.

b.  It is also possible to drift like me and create Video Trailers for my books, as if my reader were going to enjoy a private home movie. I created these “home movies” on my laptop. Two days of work. Lots of comments.

c.  If the books you create are works of art, write about it. Take a picture, tell why you love this artist.



Eilat Sootitzki

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