Trick-or-Treat at My House

Halloween is Coming for Those Who Enjoy Getting Scared!

Mysteries to Spice Up Your Life

Halloween Means Dark is Good. Boy, Do I Have Some Good for You! With Ratings for How Dark!

Dear Subscriber:

Thanks for coming to Trick-or-Treat at my haunted house! I don’t get many visitors, as I keep a trained serial killer, Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (Rated R) in my basement. He won’t bite unless I tell him to do so, but he does have some stories to tell!

My niece, Detective Miriam Weinstein, of the San Diego Police Department’s Paranormal Psychology Unit, has a problem, however. She’s been marked by Satan (yes, that guy) to become his bride at a wedding held at the San Diego Zoo (Rated PG).

But then there’s a free story from my friend at the Purgatory Insane Asylum in Great Britain. Dr. Stanford has a deep-seated fear that he can’t quite interpret, but he gets two patients who help him discover what that fear might be (Rated G).

How about a free read on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited? Terror Politico: A Screaming World in Chaos (Rated PG-13) has some stories from dark fiction authors (including yours truly) that just may fit what’s going through your head during these trying times.

Oh, and then there’s that teen fun Zombie novel I wrote after I discovered zombies grew in hives like bees in San Diego. Also, there were zombies who could fall in love. It was a finalist in the Best Young Adult Horror and Fantasy contest they held. Might sweeten your teen’s bag of goodies, for a little while, at least (Rated PG-13).

Finally, for the parents and grandparents who give out the goodies, there’s the second novel in my best-selling Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery series, The Spiritualist Murders. It had a great review at Kirkus, which said, “The link between the occult and the suffrage movement is a captivating example of how politics makes strange bedfellows.”

Well, that’s about it. Please don’t egg my house, as Andrei enjoys hunting down miscreants when they do bad things! Have a great Fall Holiday, nevertheless, but try not to fall!

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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