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Our free trial will let you try a book promotion for one of your titles.  If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use the ePub Creator Studio.  We like to use a “duck” analogy, as in “getting your ducks in a row.”


Click on the duck man to try our Embellisher (TM) Mobile Publishing App for Free!

Simply follow these steps to try our promotion. 

Please note that we don’t supply any email addresses to send.  You must have these from your own list or you must purchase them from a reputable “opt-in only” list broker.

Duck 1: 

Create an eBook promotion inside the ePub Creator Studio (this can include multimedia:  video/playlists/full color graphics).  Provide links to where your books are being sold, so your prospect can purchase them.  Note:  you can also create another copy of your title to sell inside our store, but you must own full rights to sell the title.  You might also consider creating an ePub3 (multimedia) version of one of your best titles to see if your audience will enjoy a new way of experiencing your work.  Upload your newly created promotional eBook into our store and if it’s a full version of your title that you’ll be selling, put a price on it.  If you are selling inside our app, then you must also establish a Stripe account and place the proper Stripe public and private key for live sales.  Stripe charges less than Paypal, and is less “distracting” to buyers.  The money will be directly deposited into your bank account, which you give inside the Stripe registration account.

Duck 2:

Once your promotional eBook and/or new version of one of your titles has been created inside the ePub Creator Studio, create a brief “campaign” email inside the PhpList software to be sent directly to your mailing list.  Note:  You must also upload your prospects’ email addresses into a “list” that is also loaded into the PhpList software.  PhpList is basically a free version of MailChimp or some other direct mail software of which you may be more familiar.  In this brief email, you will be pitching the book they will be buying or reading inside the Embellisher™ App.  They will be registering inside the app so they can use it on their mobile device (cell phone, iPad or tablet) or computer.

Duck 3:


Promote your new promotional eBook or full version of one of your titles by using the link to the eReader Library.  You can copy and paste it inside emails and in messages at any social website where you and your readers hang-out.  The idea is to get them to read your eBook inside the app to experience the full range of multimedia that it can provide your audience.  We are offering this free promotional deal to excellent authors like you who can most benefit from the tools we can provide you.  With our tools, you can establish a unique brand that your readers will want to come back to.  Having an app with your name and logo on it makes all the difference.  You don’t have to get lost in the herd of authors at Goodreads.

I will also be placing you on a free email list that will be sending you video tutorials to teach you how to use the tools inside the ePub Creator Studio.  There is also a button inside the studio called “Tutorials,” where you can access these same videos.  In addition, you can read this article I wrote.

Please ask any questions you may have.  As a professional “indie” author myself, I am here to help.

If you’re not technically inclined, please register for one of the free Tuesday Skype sessions that I conduct (limit 25 per session).


          Book Promotion, Circa 2016

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