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Buffy Sainte-Marie
Buffy Sainte-Marie

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I’d wager most of you won’t have the (metaphorical) balls to read my novel, Russian Wolves, based on the real Russian serial killer, Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo. I’ve read chapter three to crowds who walked out because of its graphic intensity. I had an almost knock-down, drag-out argument over the First Amendment to get three chapters of it published in a magzine to promote it. Whatever. Needless to say, it’s not exactly “politically correct.” So, being forewarned is fair play.

Continuing saga in my story featured in my ChatGPT tutorial ChatGPT Unmaksed!

About 4K words into my short story Kokopelli is Damned. For the anthology’s purpose, I had to work in a song that is fucking scary, so I’m at the turning point (climax) in the story when my narrator is confronting the dark bastard–his shadow self–in the form of a masked (Kachina) supposed Fire Clan elder who enters his studio booth at night on the rez. Here’s a taste from my story.

The set-up for the anthology is that all stories must have a song that was found in a playlist consisting of horror songs buried down in a mine shaft (cool beans!).


“Once you are the true Kokopelli, you will write the song that needs to be recorded. You and your Scalpers will also perform it live on your world tours, and the kids will love it. You’ll be a big hit, man. Bigger than Buffy Sainte-Marie, Supaman, Litefoot, Drezus, and Red Cloud put together.”

I was becoming excited, as I believed him to be a true spirit elder. He was floating two feet off the fucking floor of my radio booth! I grabbed my desk to stand still.

“What’s the catch, man? There’s always some catch, even if you are the real Fire Clan elder,” I said.

“We need a little return on our investment from you and your boys. See, there’s a bit of business going on over at the Grand Canyon. That previous fat old white man in the White House made a law that gave the government mining rights to get all the uranium they can from our land. In return, they’ll give us enough money to start a casino and do other remodeling around here. Let’s be honest. It looks like one big dump right now.”

I was not in my right mind. I kept seeing him float in the air, and I kept staring at the purple gemstone hanging from the chain on his bare chest.

“I don’t get it. Isn’t that law going to be stopped by the old guy in office now?”

“Not if you sing your song and have it recorded. Anybody who hears it will want to keep that law going, including the current President and his gang. Only then will the true tribal White Bahana come.”

“Who is he? Isn’t this uranium for our weapons, like the nukes that can blow our world into the Dark Ages?” I was straining to overcome his power over me, but it wasn’t helping much.

“I can’t tell you who right now! You’ll be a patriot. We’re getting pushed around in the world now. We need more weapons to keep those Russians and Chinese from ganging up on us. Don’t you want to save the world and make the money for your tribe?”

Did y’all see that ironically hilarious piece on 60 Minutes? Where they had a plant in Iceland trying to suck carbon out of the atmosphere and freeze-dry it to bury under the sod? Cracked me up.
Caltech once tried something similar by putting giant fans in front of the San Gabriel Mountains to blow all the smog from freeway traffic out of the valley! LOL! And then they had the “share a ride” program, until employers fucked with worker schedules, and then they had the electric vehicles with Elon Musk, until folks realized it used more carbon than it was supposed to prevent. Ugh! And everybody (especially Bill Maher) calls Musk a genius ’cause he’s made so much monopoly money.
Then, these TV journalists juxtaposed what Iceland is doing, with the folks (Big Oil) in Texas, with money, who’re building an even bigger system in order to use the extracted carbon to flush out oil in their fracking “enterprises,” (never spoken by name) which have been supported by both Republican and Democrat administrations so that we are today so far up the ass of this unsafe procedure we can help other folks wage war around the world with our petroleum-based missiles, jets, bombs, whatever, dude! And our energy-efficient railways are for shit, and we have the Big Oil lady say that Big Oil will be around at least until 2050.
Wowza. So fucking depressing. And nobody young watches 60 Minutes because they have Elder Diaper commercials and ads for Boomer Viking Cattle Boat Trips in Europe (for laughs, read the late and great author David Foster Wallace’s piece Shipping Out (on the nearly lethal comforts of a luxury cruise).
Thanks, and keep reading all kinds of stuff–both fiction and non. The way some Republicans are working it (especially in Florida) we may not have libraries with “those books” much longer. I know quite a few librarians, so it will probably have to come over their “dead bodies,” but you never know!
Stay cool and/or hot, as the climate changes quite quickly these days.
Love you,
James Musgrave
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