Virtual book tours are the bomb

If you’re not familiar with book tours (ha, ha), then let me introduce you to a way to conduct a virtual (but live streamed) book tour.  It’s nice for old geezers such as myself.

Authors can create the eBook patterned after this template, available at my ePub3 Creator Studio:  

Just establish a free account and you can edit with the software using the sample template model I’ve given you.  Here’s a direct link to the eBook template inside my Embellisher eReader:

Here’s the instructional video I created:  

If you’re not familiar with livestreaming on YouTube, it’s pretty easy to learn.  You can also download some pretty nice (free open source) software to use as well called Open Broadcast Studio at  If you’ve done stuff on radio broadcast before on Facebook or YouTube, it shouldn’t be a big deal learning it.  No middlemen involved is the nice thing!  This software let’s you tie-in to YouTube Live and add more cool interactive stuff.

I am giving you this for free, and it is also available for other authors/publishers to use to promote themselves.

If indie authors buy my Embellisher 3.0, they, of course, can tie these tours into their online platform and get direct sales on their website, by-passing Amazon and other retailers.

Want us to set-up and/or conduct the live interview for you?  Go here for pricing information.

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