Weird Science Fiction and Censorship of Written Horror

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It’s really weird to me how many of the written Horror genre publishers are creeping back into a cave of politically correct self-censorship, while films are taking new risks to scare the fuck out of you without an index of “trigger warnings.” LOL!

For example, my short story Bug Motel had the following comments when it appeared in HellBound Publishing’s anthology Toilet Zone 3: The Royal Flush:

Our favorites were Bug Motel which is a great concept, nice flow, and overall an enjoyable and quick horror story.

‘Bug Motel’ by James Musgrave is another fantastic story and concept that manages to make you feel uneasy in just a few pages.

I editorialized about this strange phenomenon, which seems to be a banner of our present “nanny state” censorship express, but when it comes to writing, as an old guy who has written stories and novels in every decade since 1963, I don’t like any censorship of content: by publishers or by so-called “religious” politicians who want to regulate what I read under the name of “protection as freedom.”

That’s just me. Libraries and librarians are my last refuges, just as the Hunchback of Notre Dame took refuge in a cathedral, I take refuge in libraries. Sadly, these are also going the way of the Dodo, as the pressures from political miscreants and frightened publishers want to control the flow of information “for our own good.”

I hope you enjoy one of these “edgy” and independent novels and/or stories and support libraries and librarians in their fight against censorship.

Take care,

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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