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Many prospective clients ask us what happens when we take over and install a tailored version of our flagship product, the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Promotion and Marketing App.  Since I have a soft spot in my heart for nurses, and my darling wife, Ellen, is now being treated daily in our home for her tragic case of Lewy Body Dementia (Ellen was also a nurse for 13 years as well as a college English teacher), I want to talk about a client nurse who wanted to teach.

She came to us with a book she had written and published through the iUniverse program, A Foreign Nurse’s Guide to America.  She said she hadn’t seen much sales revenue from her publication, and she also believed the editing to be poorly done.  As an independent author and business person, I understood her problems immediately.  Therefore, I proposed that she get her book edited by us and that I would also include a new “branded look” in her cover and in the installation of our app on a dedicated website that would attract her audience from around the world (her “vision” was to instruct foreign nurses about how to circumvent the complex system in place in the United States medical profession so they could get jobs here).

When I explained how we would help her achieve her dream as a business woman, she become much more enthusiastic.  I told her that our application would allow her to prepare all the educational materials her students would need to achieve their goals, and this was the way she would be able to sell courses in the most technologically advanced and easiest way for the independent entrepreneur.

Many of our clients are authors or businesses with a specific niche audience they need to reach.  I always encourage the educational route to reaching those audiences because when your client believes he or she is getting a reward that will improve their financial, mental or emotional condition for the better, he or she will be more inclined to continue reading what you have to present or buying what you have to sell.

What follows are the steps we took to get Shirley into her business.  We work with each client in different ways (because they each have different dreams, goals and audiences), but the efficiency and dedication to success are always foremost in our minds as we help them.

Step 1:  Get Your Product Prepared for Delivery

Every professional author knows that without a well edited manuscript and interesting cover, most audiences will view the product as unprofessional.  However, this also includes the complete brand of the prospective business person, as the author must make that “leap” from secluded creator to inventive entrepreneur when working with technology that requires such innovative measures.

We gave Shirley a new look.  Although I won’t show you her original manuscript, I do want to emphasize that its content was extremely unprofessional, full of basic grammar and sentence structure mistakes.  As for the cover, here’s the one iUniverse created for her (and you can see the iUniverse website to see what she got charged for editing and cover):

nurses guide

                               iUniverse Cover

This book was being sold as a hard cover, paperback and eBook title.  The graphics and color are not immediately recognizable to the audience—nurses—unless they want to read a Romance novel, I suppose.  Also, the background image of Lady Liberty is hardly seen.

What we did for her was to create a new look that would coincide with her branded image as educator and business woman.  I suggested the hands and globe to serve as her logo, and I also thought having nurses on the cover would appeal more to other nurses.  This is the result:


                                                               Shirley’s new cover for paperback version.

We then converted her manuscript into the proper formats for print-on-demand distribution through Createspace and digital distribution through Vearsa.com.  For example, her book would be sold to over 1,000 online eBook retailers around the world and to over 65,000 libraries.  With this in mind, we converted her text into .epub, .pdf and .mobi formats.  Each book format also had its own ISBN to be able to track sales and distribution more effectively through the publisher interface at Vearsa.

In case you want to see the price for what she got at iUniverse and through EMRE Publishing, LLC, we charged her a total of $172.00 for this prepress step in our business make-over plan for her.


Step 2:  Prepare for Your Business Reality

We encouraged Shirley to be prepared as to what she could do with our app to serve her audience.  The focus should always be on better ways to convenience the client and make him or her more comfortable with you and with what you’re selling them.  In this instance, Shirley had the education and experience to teach foreign nurses what they must expect when moving to America and seeking employment as a nurse.

I explained that her app would be carefully designed by our technicians to give her audience easy access to her materials and books.  In what we charged her, she would be receiving a business website with unlimited storage, with a business URL (franksnursing.com), and the “3-in-one” tools she would be using to supply her students with the latest information they needed to succeed.  With scientific courses, the use of a mobile app for training is the best way to reach them.  Once the app is installed on their mobile devices, they can quickly access whatever materials they need through their desk-top library, and they can also converse with each other and with the instructor using our Forum component of the app.  What’s much better than the usual method of accessing course management systems like Moodle or Blackboard (I was forced to use these during my 15 years of college teaching), is our mobile platform of course delivery of .ePub3 (multimedia) technology.  We are open source in our development, so this means students and readers of materials developed easily inside your ePub Creator Studio app component, can instantly get updates and messages about the latest developments in science and medicine that you want them to receive.  Students can use a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, and they won’t lose their place or have to login over and over to access these materials.

Shirley was getting a complete website app designed with Shirley Franks Nurse Consultant in mind, complete with her own domain name, logo and easy access mobile publication and delivery of student materials.  Students could access their course materials, pay for courses, and become involved with other members in the course, without the problems of logging into other websites to buy books, take tests or do other tasks unrelated to the task at hand.  In my opinion, once the education establishment sees how much easier mobile apps are to deliver content, they will allow educators the freedom to use this technology the way it was intended:  to make learning more convenient for the learners and teachers and not for the administrators and big publishers.

What did we charge Shirley to become her own business person and to reap the rewards of giving her students the latest mobile app delivery method available (we are the only app that can create, publish and promote ePub3 materials inside the single application)?

What We Can Do for You

Naturally, your needs won’t be the same as Shirley’s.  Perhaps you want to be a publisher and not a creator and author of materials.  Maybe you’re a business person who wants to sell subscriptions to our app so that each author and business person can create his or her own products and sell them on his/her own mobile platform, with his/her own admin and store components.  We can do that for a bit stiffer price of about $2,850.00.  This would be a turnkey operation that you could collect on without necessarily getting involved in the creative and marketing end of the business.

We enjoy working with each client who wants the latest in technology to become a professional.  We work with authors, small publishers, small businesses, and even public and non-profits.  I invest time with them to see that their “vision” is made real and that they understand what’s being done every step of the way.  We enjoy the success stories of our clients, and we hope you can soon become part of our team at EMRE Publishing.

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