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I’ve probably written over a thousand horror and/or ghoulish stories. Some were published and most were not. If you want to judge for yourself as to their quality, then sign-up for my story-per-month deal. You be the judge.

I also have several horror novels that are published, including Love Zombies of San Diego (about zombies that are stuck between being human and being a zombie); Forevermore (about a detective that must track down the serial killer of Edgar Allan Poe); Lucifer’s Wedding (about a San Diego paranormal detective who gets chosen to marry Satan at the San Diego Zoo); Russian Wolves (about a real life serial killer who is used by his captor as a hit man for the Russian mob); and Zombies and Children (an introduction to Horror on the Installment Plan, a collection of horror stories sent directly to your email).

Horror on the Installment Plan

Not a Horror Story

So, QE2’s Susan, a corgi given to her when she turned 18, was the grand dame from which all 30 of her majesty’s progeny were bred. I sense a pattern of succession there! And today corgi fans strut their pets in memory of the queen’s love for these animals.
Did you know that the first corgi was a gift to some children from fairies? Yes. Those kind of flying types of creatures from legends. Also, the corgi was bred to be herders of most farm livestock, and would often be called “heelers” because corgis nipped at the heels of the animals they herded, including children.
Thanks for reading and have a grrrreat Labor Day off!
James Musgrave
San Diego, CA
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