Will the “Real” Superman (Ubermensch) Please Stand Up?

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Dear Subscriber,
I have my own version of Nietzsche’s “ubermensch” or “overman” in my serial called Auschwitz Dancer. He is introduced in detail in serial #5 in the series.
I find it interesting that Siegel and Shuster first created “Superman,” the comic book superhero, or ubermensch, as a villain, in 1933. But when the comic book came out, on the brink of World War Two, 1939, he was a protagonist from another planet.
My Ubermensch remains a villain, however, and she sides with the Nazis and looks physically like a ballet dancing Nietzsche from an insane asylum! If you read the entire six serials (first one is free), you’ll discover that this story of mine has a lot to do with Nietzsche’s philosophy, Jewish morality, and quantum physics.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and keep reading deeply!
James Musgrave
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