Zen Proverb: Live Stream Your Way to Branding Success

Here’s an actual proposal to one of my musician clients who successfully ran a live-stream concert under our supervision and integration of the streaming platforms. If you want to do this as an author, then please imagine yourself as this musician (“listen” becomes “read,” etc.), and then imagine your genre coming “alive” in multimedia format. Finally, if you’re quite satisfied that you’ve gone pleasingly bonkers, then, and only then, email or call me (1-619-750-7360) today. To read a negotiating Case History with a client, please download this file (.pdf format).

Dear Rast:

Do you want to have a more interactive website with your fans?

The plan we have is to allow you (if you have the engineers and/or live-stream equipment) to sell concert tickets inside your platform. Please see this video.

This will drive people to your platform where they can also pay for other albums/songs they want to listen to in a “private way” using the Embellisher ePub3 platform as the live concert sales platform, and the embellisherstream.com platform as the sales platform for the artists’ individual cuts and album playlists/channels. Do you understand? Two ways to monetize rather than just one.

You can sell tickets and drive interested traffic to your new website. Any band, group or single artist you want to feature can do live concerts as well, and you get paid from attendees (like they do on Facebook, Linkedin, etc.).  Only middlemen don’t get a cut of your profits.

Did you purchase your domain:  tunesick.app?

I believe your legal information is not very good:  https://www.tunesick.app/terms/terms  You can get into a lot of trouble distributing or allowing unlimited play of popular artists. I realize YouTube, Spotify, and all the others do it, but they are part of the “big corporations,” and their tentacles of lawyers, money, and ways to shut you down are great. I suggest you establish a legitimate website, as you are an excellent artist. It’s not worth running from the law, and having to setup new website servers every time the law comes after you, the way torrents have to do it.

With that being said, you can still have a branded platform under my auspices. We can add the tunesick.app logo and other graphics if you wish. We can even setup android and iOS apps of your tunesick.app music website for listeners to install and use.

The following are my suggestions to you so you can build a legitimate and legal database of listeners and fans, who will keep returning to you to pay for your work, your live concerts, and even your featuring of other artists, who must give you permission to promote their intellectual properties. Of course, it’s an “investment” in your talents, and the talents of your associates, and I can give you a price if you want to pursue this idea. In my humble opinion, with the wide popularity of your genre of music (Rasta or Jamaican Soul, or whatever they call it now), you can cash in by doing “rifle marketing” to these fans who are truly “fanatics” about this music, as you are probably well aware.

Suggestions to establish a music concert/sales/interactive website “tunesick.app” for Rast Dias Kurglebrain:

  • Prepare for a live-stream concert, set a date/time, and setup the engineering end of things.
  • Use the big distributors (YouTube most of all) to plant a really good cut of your work (preferably a high quality music video), and then give listeners the link back to your new sales (embellisherstream) and concert (embellisher-ereader) platforms. Your fans can choose to attend the live concert and/or buy your work online. Or, (hopefully) both!
  • It would also be good for you to have apps created for your new platforms in android and iOS formats (but you must use the same database server security to protect the intellectual property of your artists and the online security of your fans). You can explain this “security login procedure” to your fans and listeners. People today, with COVID-19, understand about security with all the pirates who exist online.
  • Also, in this preparation for your first live concert, on the “big distribution platforms, like YouTube,” you promote this campaign in their living rooms around the world. This would be similar to the way I setup the live concert for Matilde Bernabei in the above video example. Except, you and your band would, of course, be featured.
  • Send the ePub3 campaign book concert link (inside your embellisher-ereader platform) to as many social websites as you can before your live concert. If you have the money, I would also suggest that you do some targeted “rifle marketing ads” to fans of Rasta music, Bob Marley, Desmond Dekker, Toots and Maytals, etc. These ads can be done easily in Facebook and Google ads.
  • All attendees signup in your private embellisher-ereader platform to view your live concert campaign eBook and they can buy a ticket to the concert and to the after-concert “meet up,” if desired.
  • Collect money from attendees inside your private Stripe bank account, and all of these buyers will also be logged into your private database in embellisher-ereader platform for future marketing.
  • Collect money from people who may want to attend the live conference (using embellisher conference platform we provide) following the live-steam, as shown in the Matilde Bernabei live concert video above. Again, these buyers will pay you to be securely entered into your database to be “back stage” with you at the end of your live concert.
  • After you’ve held your first live concert, then you can schedule another one, and you can also feature any other artists you wish to promote, and you can charge them to do this. I do not take any cut from what you make!
  • Of course, if you wish, you can keep your platforms private and only for you and your chosen artists to use. It depends on how you wish to monetize.

Rast, all of these steps require careful planning and timing. Therefore, if you want to proceed, I will send you a project schedule of when you need to get certain “deliverables” to me and my developers. The date/time of your first live-stream concert, of course, is under your control.

I will also estimate the cost of these steps within my project proposal. Please remember this is an investment in your future and your brand’s future.

I hope you and your family are safe during these horrendous times.

Jim Musgrave

Technical Consultant

EMRE Publishing, LLC

San Diego, CA 92120

Cell:  619-750-7360


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