Mini-Course on How to Morph Your Boring eBook Title into ePub3


Author James Musgrave

Author James Musgrave

Professor James Musgrave will instruct new and experienced authors of eBooks about how to create ePub3 multimedia books.  He will demonstrate using the Creator ePub3 Studio, one of the three components in the Embellisher mobile creation, delivery, and sales platform.

If you want to give your readers a new way to see your creations, then this course can help you do it.  In this two-hour course, he will:

  1.  Show you how to add an audiobook version of your book right alongside the text.  This is much better than the Amazon method of “whispersync,” as your reader need not download anything to hear the audio.
  2. Explain the “insert story” feature of the studio, wherein you can add entirely new narrative content for the reader to follow.  He’ll demonstrate with his award-winning Historical Mystery, Forevermore, and explain what he’s doing with the sixth mystery in his Portia of the Pacific series, Stingaree.
  3. Show how to add relevant videos to your novel without distracting your reader from your story.
  4. Explain the use of SoundCloud Playlists and how they can give the reader a way to enjoy relevant music while enjoying your creation.
  5. Show how distributing ePub3 multimedia books via mobile application is far superior to selling over the “usual suspects” like Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords.
  6. Explain how you can add even more interactivity and design (such as fixed-layout pages) with animation and sound-aloud text for children’s stories.
  7. Discuss your specific work and how it can be converted into ePub3 format for distribution and sales.
  8. Explain the second course on marketing wherein Professor Musgrave will show you the secret way to leverage Amazon’s worldwide distribution platform with an Embellisher “Trojan Horse.”

Download this free .pdf Running with the Big Dogs, by Professor Musgrave.  It has exercises to help you understand how to write using all five senses, and it provides a variety of free sources to obtain images, videos and other copyright-free content to use.



Hosted By: musgrave
Start: July 10, 2020 @ 8:00 am
Duration: 120
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

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