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I enjoy free stuff. Don’t you? It can often lead you, just like Dorothy and Toto, to a land of wizards, criminals, and mayhem!

One such venue is called Metastellar. This website was formed during the horrendous pandemic, whereby these noble writers and editors got together and decided we needed a venue whereby stories and exerpts from longer pieces, could serve as the “honey” to draw in the reading bees, so to speak. Or, the skeletons to draw in the witches, gnomes, and ghouls, so to speak.

My popular serial Auschwitz Dancer is being featured today, and I wanted to shout-out a couple of other artists as well for you to enjoy, especially if you like literary horror pieces. You can search Metastellar for anything that vibes with your inner consciousness. They have a tremendous reservoir of genres and talents from which to choose.

Here’s a sample story from Mike Picco called Mortimer the Mous(e). Don’t let the amusement park venue fool you. It’s pretty scary, in a literary way, of course!

Also, here’s another free story by A. P. Sessler called Mother Worked Nights.

And, for fantasy lovers, here’s a little gem called The Finite Magic of Little Monsters by Audri Salinas.

That’s just the tip of literary iceberg, believe me. A freebie lover could read for hours on their cool venue. Mostly Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy.

However, they have other treats as well, including a great YouTube channel where they discuss writing, new technologies (like ChatGPT and AI) and many other topics, including games and movies!

It’s just like J. D. Salinger used to say about finding great stuff. The World Wide Web is like the “stacks” in a library. You just swim around and find great reads that fit your consciousness and then continue with the author who “turns you on.” Yippee!

Thanks, Metastellar for featuring my humble little serial in your fabulous venue!

Have a great Moonday, and the rest of your week, my fans.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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