ChatGPT and eBook Bulk Deliveries

Panes of Glass

Dear Subscriber,

Free horror stories! Yippee! If you notice, my story Panes of Glass has as a cover exactly that: panes of glass. No words. No author name. Nothing but panes of glass. Setting: downtown San Diego. Character: a homeless vet who thinks they’re recruiting for a secret army, where they’ll make him into an “android warrior” who will become virtually unstoppable. Sorry about that, dude! Wishful thinking.

Too Much Everything, Everywhere, All at Once?

Speaking about “wishful thinking,” how about that new ChatGPT4 technology? Tried it out yet? It’s already saturating the World Wide Web in so many forms one might think it’s being rushed out there by computers (LOL). Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m typing this out from my feeble brain, in all its inglorious imperfections. Let me clue you in: computers have imperfections you can drive a Mack truck through!

That’s why I’m writing my own book about ChatGPT for writers who use computer aides for more than just a way to make quick bucks, sold to stupid humans who can’t tell a meme from an actual human’s critical thought process. You can read about my new book, and preorder a copy, and even subscribe to my other blogs if you want to hear me go on like some crazy human concerning a lot of different things. Note: Use an RSS feed reader for your browser to read my blogs.

Cutting Down Your Purchase Delivery Time

One final topic. Cutting down my newsletter subscribers’ time wasted downloading a lot of stuff. Even though I enjoy using my own brain to write most of what I write, I do like my fans to enjoy my stories and novels and not be bothered a lot with going here and there and downloading different things.

For example, Mitch Selleck, the newest subscriber to my popular serial Science Fiction and Horror adventure, Auschwitz Dancer, enjoyed the free first episode so much that he bought all of the other episodes for $3.00 and got them all delivered to his library without having to do it himself! That’s what happens if you request it from me on any purchase. It’s called “bulk delivery,” and with this feature, I can send a lot of readers their book(s) at once!

With bulk delivery, there are no delivery emails to get lost and no download links to get shared. How cool is that? Just copy the name of the book you want, and email it to me directly. No need to buy one eBook separately (although you still can), and you’ll pay me through Stripe directly, without needing to use Paypal. Once you’ve paid for all the books you want delivered, I’ll add you to the bulk list and email to all of you at once!

So, technology can work for you, if the guy on the other end thinks it through and just doesn’t think of you as “click bait.”

Have a happy “hump day,” and hump to your heart’s content!

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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