Creative Writing Exercise I Used

A good creative writing exercise for those folks who are brainwashed by logical thinking (the bane of creativity).
Choose two completely different objects or people. For example, a baseball and a hydrogen bomb. Or, a deaf, dumb, and blind poker player and the King of England (or some other big wig).
Then, do “brainstorming” in your head or on paper/computer about any random comparison/contrasts you can imagine about each.
That’s the logical part of your brain working for creative purposes.
After you get the wildest things out, then it’s time for you to use the “fun part” of your brain! The precuneus!
Write a story (beginning, middle, and end) about how those two disparate and different objects/people learn to work together, play together, and/or have problems together. Note: Even in conflict, people and objects can be joined in interesting ways. Think of martial arts and any fights you’ve carefully observed, even in warfare!
That’s it. It exercises those creative parts of your brain that society attempts to drum out of you with 15+ years of indoctrination (for your own good). 😜🥹😎😂
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