Daily Poem: APPEASE

Britain appeases Hitler.
Chamberlain appeases Hitler.

I appease my robot culture.

Talk to disembodied voices.

Serve myself at a “service station.”

Establish intimacy with unidentified digital “friends.”

Allow corporations to dictate my health access.

Believe mere words have powers of actions.

See history changed to protect the innocent who are really “ignorant.”

Invent euphemisms to protect my public conscience.

Vote for people I have never met or seen doing anything real.

Park, drive, and fly in mechanical, maniacal, complex mazes of profit.

Rip apart entire forests and oceans to grow hamburgers and endless appetites for profit.

Salute flags of many colors that only mean something if you did something to make it mean something.

Watch my children on a screen because I want to watch my own private entertainment.

Believe short textual signals or other folks’ memes hold emotional power.

Go shoot and kill people I’ve never met because others tell me they’re “evil.”

Look into my soul and trick myself with meditation that I am not guilty.


Copyright 2022 by James Musgrave

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