Standard Embellisher (TM) Mobile Publishing Platform (with license for one user for one year)

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Unbranded Web App Installed on Your Server (should have Php-enabled and unlimited storage) DIY Installation*

Perfect for Self-Published Authors, Online Educators and Small Businesses

  • Simply download the package after you pay $40 for the year’s license. (Only $10 for yearly updates thereafter.)
  • Follow the instructions in the Readme file.
  • You will have full access to the Embellisher™ Creator Studio. Create your ePub3 (multimedia) and other formatted eBooks.
  • You will have an installation of the Embellisher™ eReader.
  • You will have full installation of the Administrative component. Gives you full control of your book titles, promotion coupons and users of your app.
  • You will have an installation of the Author and Reader Forum which is like having your own “Goodreads” platform to communicate with your readers.
  • You can set-up a publishing platform complete with a store for each author,  wherein you can charge a fee to your authors, who will have publishing rights and tools to promote themselves on social media.
  • Each of your designated “publishers” can have a Stripe payment system wherein all online purchases are immediately deposited into that publisher’s bank account.  No more paying 30% fees to eBook distributors.
  • Own Your Own Platform. No License. Tailored Platform for Your Specific Needs.

    *Note:  If you don’t have a website, we can get you one for $195 extra per year, and it will include a tailored domain name and unlimited storage. We also do work coding clients’ projects using the Readium project as a framework (the same used in our Embellisher™). You own the final project (no license required). Use our platform as a “Chinese menu” and choose which features you need and request new coding of additional features you need for your specific purposes. We work closely with you using Github and/or Dropbox, so all final coding is secure and can be installed properly on your website (php-enabled). Contact us

    Complete Cost to You:  $40 (license for first year)  (Pay only $10 per year thereafter to update your license)

    Have a specific development project in mind for ePub3 or interactive animation or use of javascript technology?  Contact us and we can put you in touch with a professional developer who can work with you to see your dream become a reality.

      Contact us to be invoiced and get our developer to install it for you. Or, ask about getting a tailored version that you can own and not license. You can add/subtract any features you need.
    Pay with Amazon, Paypal or Credit Card
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