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After binge-watching SQUID GAME, I wanted to show that competition can be less dangerous and that artists can demonstrate their skills in a creative, perhaps less childish way. I have written a 5K word short story, VOICES, about what Saint Jeanne d’Arc may have experienced at her execution for being a witch in 1431 Rouen, France. In genre terms, this story is called an “alternate history” fiction.

My challenge to my poet friends is to first read my story here:


After getting an “impression,” based on what you believe my theme is, create a poem, in any style, of not over 250 words maximum length. Only one entry per poet.

As temporary artistic “Squid Master,” I will select the best poem sent to me as a Word attachment at jamesmusgrave2122@att.net and award the poet with full credit in VOICES, the poet’s poem will be published with the story, and $100 will be paid only through your Paypal account.

If you want to see what this Fiction/Poetry Squid Master writes, then visit his home page at: https://emrepublishing.com

Thanks, and good luck! I will have the winner chosen after the deadline of 10/31/21 at midnight (Pacific US Time).

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