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Market romance and any other genre. Privately hosted, you own the interface and the profits.

  • Get free access to all the epub3 (multimedia) books created inside the Embellisher Studio by you or by others you put into your user database at admin level access.
  • Free registration to learn the “breadcrumb marketing process” and create your first multimedia “taste” for your book launch.
  • If you want to author your own eBooks and sell them in this exclusive ePub3 format, then subscribe below for  “Author/Publisher” access, which allows you to sell from the Embellisher Multimedia Platform and download all the books you create to sell on other venues (Amazon, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, etc.).
  • There’s a one-time set-up fee, but once you pay the final (yearly) subscription price, you own it 100%.
  • Your subscriptions include full technical and marketing consulting.
  • Just try it out to see if your sales go up by using the multimedia marketing approach through a single platform delivered privately to your readers.
  • This platform is perfect for teachers, attorneys, self-publishers, and any person needing a completely enhanced and totally “private” way to reach your audiences using full multimedia.
  • All private subscriptions can be easily integrated onto your current website with the installment fee, with your website’s brand.
Embellisher Multimedia Platform has an excellent offer for those who want a sample of what it has to offer. We are thrilled to let you know that our limited access plan is completely free of charge! This plan is perfect for those who want to have a taste of what our platform can do before deciding to invest in our full version. However, for users who are looking for the whole enchilada and want to have complete access to our wide range of features, we have an irresistible offer for you. For just $5 per month or $50 per year, you can unlock the full potential of Embellisher and enjoy all the perks that come with it. Don’t hesitate! Subscribe now and let Embellisher Multimedia Platform help you take your multimedia experience to the next level.