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I spent most of my career teaching. Caltech, San Diego State, and a host of other community colleges in San Diego County and presentations around the world. I still consult and write books about learning the new techniques for the new technology being used in writing fiction and non-fiction.

Unless writers understand the real threat of advanced Artificial Intelligence, employment for these folks will become very limited in just a few years. In fact, there is an entire agenda circulating in the private and public sectors to “purify” the minds of readers (read “censor”) by using a variety of other techniques besides robotic, formulaic, and programmed emotions in AI created prose. These techniques you may already be familiar with, as they are sold as protections for you and your families. Of course, the bottom line for these purveyors of AI is to make money. In Capitalism, a happy buyer is a frequent buyer. But is a happy buyer a controlled buyer also?

They call them “trigger warnings” (even for horror fiction), censorship of content and word choice to protect our children’s psyches (in some cases, revising and interpreting older books) so as to cleanse them of words and ideas that are currently taboo in the present, politically correct atmosphere. If you happen to be a “trigger warning” enthusiast who believes you’re protecting the public, then you may want to think again. The latest psychiatric studies show that at least on the adult level of comprehension, these warnings may do more harm to the psyche than good.

Finally, the insistence that if you’re of a certain intelligence and status in society, you should never use curse words and/or other dark references about reality around you. In fact, the most recent studies show that folks who enjoy such content as very “dark humor” are often geniuses because their mind must work more quickly and on many layers of thinking at once. Therefore, the machines of AI that are used to pacify the mind and bring it into the “happy zone” so as to be better consumers of our seemingly endless supply of goods, are not doing us much of a favor (we get more in debt because of our emotional buying sprees).

Trust me. Running from the truth does no good to your mind. Dr. Carl J. Jung says that folks who have dreams about dark figures chasing them should not run away (even in dreams). They should confront them, stare at them in their monstrous faces, and ask them what they want. Chances are, they can be a help for you to discover the dark side of your personality that can be integrated so that you become healthier and happier in your life’s pursuits. Then, the dark forces who try to trick you into not confronting the dark side of life, can’t take advantage of you in the future.

Have a serene and happy Mother’s Day!

James Musgrave

EMRE Publishing, San Diego

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