Java Animation for ePub3 Technical Instruction

EMRE Publishing Developer Demo

Here’s an example of a technical instruction animation created with Java inside an ePub3 textbook for an Engineering Physics course.  As you can see, we can implement these kinds of lessons quite easily in our platform.  In fact, we can create an entire course inside a single eBook, and then deliver it directly to the students on their mobile devices.  In addition, we can then record the results and tabulate them for grading in the database.  Please ask us about which course you have, and what specific lesson you’re trying to teach.

Teaching the Teacher with BlueGriffin

In addition, our developers, like Mr. Lawrence here, can teach your technical folks how to create their own animations very inexpensively using free software.  In this video he shows how to do this using BlueGriffin.  Since the Embellisher eReader and Creator Studio are based on the Readium project, all of these ePub3 books developed in BlueGriffin can be uploaded into your Library back-end and sent to your students.  Download the Java Toolkit, including BlueGriffin, here.


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