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Happy Mother’s Day to the Great Mother (Kali), surrogates, test tubes, undisclosed, and all other types that bring new life into the universe of my sobriety! Thanks forever. Amen.

Also, Viking Mother’s Day is in memory of when the mothers cut the heads off attacking enemies. This is a fiction woven by yours truly. I write a lot of stories and a novel about Norway and the land of the Vikings.

I got into an email discussion with one of my subscribers (who shall remain nameless because she doesn’t want to become famous, or “infamous”). So, I’ll probably be both (famous and infamous) by disclosing our conversation about Auschwitz Dancer’s current episode #8, “Dr. Mengele’s Twin Menagerie.”

Our discussion concerned the previous newsletter, wherein I printed the poem I use in this episode and changed the author to that of infamous Nazi S.S. Captain and medical doctor, Josef Mengele:

Hello Sallie,

Just to let you know how I used my poem in the serial, here it is:

The poem made me wonder about this monster. Was he so obsessed with the Nazi dogma about the superiority of Aryan racial genetics that he supported it with the ancient philosophy of a Zen Buddhist? Of course! All one needed to do was define “jijimuge” as the perfected state of genetic discipline whereby only one race could be the conqueror and master over all the other races. As I and my husband, Marek, had discussed with our families many times, the complete logic of Hitler’s genetic argument was based on a false assumption. That genetic history was predictable and subject to a defined deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA structure controlled by racial purity.

The opposite was more logical and truer. The more humans mix socially and inter-marry away from close relatives and the same race, the stronger their genetic heritage becomes. Marek showed me that Jews, because they were forced into pogroms, had developed diseases that were all their own genetically, and this happened to any cultural group that didn’t mix with a wider and more diverse population.

In fact, Marek and the more advanced scientists believed it was this idea that racial genetics were the main determinant of the strength of biological ancestry that had caused the deformities, diseases, and bad genetics in the first place. Instead of sterilizing people so they couldn’t reproduce, or forcing them into cultural ghettos, as they did in the United States and other countries, they should have allowed them to gradually break away from their weak social and physical hereditary make-up to populate with stronger genetic lines, no matter which race. The Nazis formed secret euthanasia murders of all the humans determined to be “too weak, insane, or deformed” to be productive to the nation. The race of this group wasn’t even a factor in the Nazi’s monstrous plans.

Therefore, Hitler’s entire race-based theory of superiority was a fraud and a lie. Marek said Hitler told the lie louder and with more vehemence until the ignorant believed it was true. It also, conveniently, aligned with the more orthodox level of Judaism so that when Hitler established his “gift to the Jews” building the Czechoslovakian showcase camp of Theresienstadt, many of the mostly German Jewish elders believed that the Nazis were going to allow them to work hard and then be transported to Palestine and keep their cultural purity away from the Nazis.

In other words, they both wanted racial purity, so they agreed on a racist pact, so to speak. Of course, Hitler lied, and he was already planning his mass extinction of all Jews, including the ones at Theresienstadt, as well as using the Roma, homosexuals, and many other offending humans, including political enemies, as slave labor.

But adherents to the racial purity lie, like this Doctor of the Schutzstaffel, Josef Mengele, were going to take advantage of this scientific misnomer, as they experimented on live guinea pigs, such as twins, to prove their false theories concerning racial and genetic superiority. Now, with my husband locked away somewhere, and this hell on earth frozen in 1943, we had to join two more of these racially “pure” monsters to propagate a terrorist lineage for the future. Unless we did this, we would also go up the chimney as both political traitors and racial defectives.

Finally, I was also a victim of the German Nazis and their lies, when I agreed to sleep with them and lie to my own wealthy friends about getting their false passports to South America and Scandinavia. Only until I became a victim myself, was I allowed to escape into this purgatory. Except, who was praying for us in the other dimension where life continued? Who knew we were here or cared? Perhaps we must do this forever, and it was Hell instead of purgatory where we do our penance. Jews don’t believe in purgatory. We believe that justice will prevail when we obey the laws of Yahweh. Is there justice here for us to prevail? I needed to find out by going inside and seeing what this monster Mengele was doing and where the two Nazis were that we must join in matrimony. It might be the final marriage we do, as it’s our own genetic experiment. The one born might be Herr Soul Master’s progeny, as he could be in disguise. I remembered that their Superman could enter human bodies the way I did, so it was possible.

I could hear people talking behind the door as I passed through it to the other side.

Thanks, and enjoy your weekend!

James Musgrave

This foray and lively tête-à-tête led to yet another conversation. I’ll let you imagine what she asked me:

The “I” is the Auschwitz Dancer, based on the historical character of Polish Jew ballet Dancer, Franceska Mannheim, who murdered two Nazi guards before being killed inside the Women’s Gas Showers at Auschwitz. She has returned to avenge her people.

Hitler was just one of many anti-Semites who believed Jews were international parasites on any nation’s cultural values. They were forced by Christians into becoming “money lenders” in the Middle Ages because “usury” was against the political power of the Church. Remember Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and Shylock?

Hitler, like Donald Trump or any other politician, simply gave voice to what people were thinking at the time.

I must say, this interchange reminded me of the wonderful exchanges I had and have with students at Caltech and other colleges, wherein we discussed a number of complex ideas, opinions, alleged “facts” and other fun stuff. I’ll leave you with this about the world of facts, since we’re coming up on a very interesting political year in 2024:

A “fact” is only correctly accepted when it’s been verified by scientific tests in a way that shows peers that the statement is true under most circumstances. However, even scientific “facts” are still open to testing and to future changes if/when the science can demonstrate to the expert peers that it is acceptable.

Otherwise, most argument statements fall under the “opinion” of the person stating it and can’t be seen as fact at all. Sadly, probably 98% of live political and certainly social/educational debates are based on the arguers’ opinions.

Have an entertaining and stress-free day with your mother(s) du’jour. Keep arguing, and keep fighting the good fight.

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