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This mailing is for fantasy lovers. I’ve crafted a new story called Rings and Dragon Dreams that’s going to be in an anthology Dragonesque which features stories told from the dragon’s point of view. It’s loosely based on the abused childhood of my good friend and psychologist/therapist Lillian Haugland, who was also featured as Lily Orkidedatter (her pen name) in my adult erotica tale Orkidedatter. This adult tale is a fantasy metaphor for sex abuse and addiction/trafficking. Both Lillian and I are childhood sex abuse survivors and are donating income from this book to RAINN.

Rings and Dragon Dreams
Rated PG-13

After reading this story (I translated it for her into Norwegian), Lillian said she cried. I guess I was able to weave her life into my own fantasy, so that’s a good thing! Recovered children quite often use fantasy and personal recovery stories to maintain mental stability in their lives. That’s even a better thing!

I hope you enjoy the read. If I get enough positive responses, I may continue the saga of Alva, Siegfried, and the “new” dragon in a continuing series.

Thanks for your continuing support and create and read!

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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