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Podcasts about the Embellisher™ ePub Studio Special Tools
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This will be a collection of weekly podcasts by President and CEO of EMRE Publishing, Jim Musgrave.  They will continue the discussion of the different features included in your premium level access of the ePub Creator Studio. Please bookmark the site and return to hear more.
Podcast #1: Using the Insert Story Tool
(Note:  The link to the example given in this podcast is here.)
Podcast #2:  Using the Hypertext Book Link to Market Your Books

When formatting your eBooks in HTML for uploading into your Embellisher eReader App Library, you can implement some handy codes to promote individual titles or authors. These codes are effective anywhere in html, on a website and inside an ebook, once the ebooks are inside your library. You can use them when you want to point the reader to the next novel in your series of novels, or to give the reader a listing of books by an author you want to promote inside your app library.

You have to link to the complete address like this: Get the complete version You can also put the author name or genre to get a whole list: See list of books by Jim Musgrave