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Many enhanced eBooks to come!

Please do something before you decide you want to purchase our eBooks.  Do a search on Google for “problems reading enhanced ebooks.”  Wait.  Here’s a customer thread on that topic.  Be sure to read the most recent comments first.  See what the problem is?  If Amazon, the biggest distributor of eBooks, doesn’t want to smoothly deliver enhanced content, then how are you supposed to enjoy interactive content with audio and video?
This is the reality of enhanced, or what we at EMRE Publishing, LLC, like to call “embellished” content.  It’s ePub3 formatting, stupid, not rocket science!  Our eReader was created from the ground-up with the author and reader in mind.  Why?  Our owner is a successful indie publisher who wanted to give authors and readers the best embellished eBook reading experience available.  It’s that simple.  Best eBook means “open source” content.  That’s the way we like to roll.

So, if you want to read your eBook with exclusive music playlists, relevant video and awesome interactivity, then you have found your best source.  Once installed, the Embellisher™ eReader is your source for embellished eBooks.  Now, all you have to do is pay a single price and read inside our app.  No, we don’t have tens of thousands of eBooks like Oyster or even Scribd.  However, they don’t offer a single multimedia eBook.  Your appetite may not be for embellished eBooks, so you’ll probably find those places more to your liking.  That’s okay.  We can wait.

Our founder, Jim Musgrave, believes readers will be changing to the interactively smooth and musically fun multimedia titles soon enough.