Steampunk Holiday at James Musgrave’s Engine Room

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Dear Subscriber,

Do you like radio shows? I was on quite a few to promote my bestselling historical mysteries and Steampunk novels (see above link to Steam City Pirates). If you’re a fan of my work, then you already know I write in many different genres.

For example, this link will take you to the show I did at Madame Perry’s Salon promoting my popular Portia of the Pacific series starring attorney and detective Clara Shortridge Foltz, Esq. If this radio show entices you, then you may want to buy all six mysteries in the series, including free audiobook copies of three of them.

In fact, the first show I did with Madame Perry had the highest rating she’d ever had, and it was about my Steampunk novel Steam City Pirates in the Detective Patrick James O’Malley series, which included the internationally award-winning mystery Forevermore. If you notice on the O’Malley series online page, you can access multimedia (ePub3) formats of many of my mysteries online by registering for free in the Embellisher eReader platform.

So, the world of reading and writing is changing contstantly, and I try to keep up with all the action going on, including the new ChatGPT4 software for authors of fiction and non-fiction (plus students!). The attached article, by the way, will be featured at soon, but you can read it here first as a loyal subscriber.

Please have a great week, and keep reading to save our democracy and our mental acuity.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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