Switching to Draft2Digital Venue for Publishing Titles

Dear Subscriber,

I’ve gathered all my Draft2Digital publications into an easy way to stuff your eReader stockings. Just click on the title of the work you want to look at and then choose the online retailer most convenient to your location or the location of your relative/friend to gift a copy. No more hassles with Paypal and/or BookFunnel (if these are problematic).

I will also be switching all my digital and print copies to this new venue for the future, so look for it. I think it’s more convenient for my readers in other countries. Be certain to read the description of the following titles by clicking on them and going to the distribution link. Some are short fiction ($1.00-$2.00), some are novels, and one is a serial that’s also available by subscription.

Alas Poor Yorick

Catalina Ghost Stories


The Spiritualist Murders

Auschwitz Dancer

Chinawoman’s Chance


The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder

Auschwitz Dancer (episode 1)


Panes of Glass

Valley of the Dogs, Dark Stories

Auschwitz Dancer (episode 2)

Hannah Brade at the Alamo

Room 306


Baruch Dyan Emet



(Mystery Coloring Book)

Zombies and Children

Castaways of Mar-a-Lago

Love Zombies of San Diego

The Angel’s Trumpet

Short Story Per Week/Month

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy your eBook shopping spree! My  creative works and research are continuing just for you. You have the intelligent minds that keep reading alive for all of us.

James Musgrave

San Diego, CA

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