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Watch the video about our EmbellisherStream video, podcast, audio and graphic streaming platform.

Hello EMRE Publishing Friends

If you’re in my course, then you can participate in my free offer:

  • Send me what you do best, so we can develop a campaign together featuring a marketing ePub3 to promote what you do best.
  • This might be a service, a product, or an art form (book, performance, skill, etc.).
  • I am going to work with each of you to determine the best way to use the streaming Embellisher platforms to sell you and your talent.
  • No cost to you.
  • If you decide you want to actually run this promotion, then we can give you free access to our platforms.
  • You pay for the cost of running the ad(s), and you collect the money.
  • If you like the result, then you can become a regular member of EMRE Publishing’s growing list of clientele.
  • Regular members get the three platforms integrated with their home pages/websites. We can also create your home pages for you, for a fee.

Are You Ready to Take Back Your Money from the Middlemen?

As the owner of EMRE Publishing, I want you to build a lasting digital brand, whereby you can begin to take back all the money you've lost to middlemen. Yes, my service is, technically, a middleman also, but what we offer our members is a lot different than the usual suspects. We give our members all the tools they need to drive new clients to their websites. Whether you sell digital goods or tangible goods, these platforms can work to get you noticed in a dynamic new way. Your clients/fans will keep coming back because they know your presence is secure, friendly and multimedia-driven.

As a member of our team, you'll have access to our three streaming platforms, which will get those revenue streams coming back to your secure and private digital brand. Signup for our free online course and CEO James Musgrave will work with you to try out your first campaign for free! Learn how to create marketing ePub3 vehicles that get attention and start the cash flowing into your private Stripe account. Learn much more under his professional guidance and expertise. If you like the experience, stay on as a member and grow with us.

  • The main Embellisher Multimedia Streaming Marketing platform, which delivers everything you have to sell.
  • The EmbellishStream streaming platform, which allows our podcasters, musicians, authors and business people a place to store and organize their intellectual properties. It's as easy as "copy and paste" to send your free or paid programs/albums/interviews or educational information to your mobile online clients.
  • Gives members a private channel, where you can send your concert live-streams, recorded events, movies, and soon, entire TV programming to your free and paid clientele.
  • All streaming platforms drive all revenues into your personal Stripe account located in the Marketing platform, and you keep track of all your fans and clients and their purchases inside your private database.
  • We help you learn how to use special marketing techniques to get your clients to register for free inside your private account. Once they've joined, you can send them your ePub3 (multimedia) ads directly to them over a secure and mobile network to their smartphones or any other digital devices.
  • Download this EmbellisherStream .pdf of how our platforms are set-up and some of what they can do for you.
  • Finally, here's a link to read the ePub3 marketing vehicle I created for the livestream concert of Ms. Matilde Bernabie's marketing ePub3 book If you need to establish your free account, just register with an email and password.
  • Go to our platforms and kick the tires.
  • We will soon expand our reach by partnering with content developers and productions service companies. Also, our conference platform will have the ability to stream webinars for educators to monetize.

Please take this free online course from the owner, James Musgrave. He'll explain all you need to know and how these platforms work. You can learn how to establish your private digital brand and drive traffic and revenue streams to it. You'll have publisher-level access to try-out the marketing creator studio, and you'll visit the Embellisher streaming platforms to see exactly how they work for you and your brand.

The basic plan is for a single author, wherein you create and market your own campaign eBook.

The basic author plan, paid monthly, gives an author a publisher account inside the Embellisher platform. Publish and sell any eBooks or campaigns eBooks you create or have already published. See price here:

Premium ePub3 and ePub Marketing Plan with 7-Day Free Trial. The premium author plan gives the author unrestricted Admin privleges. They can can create, publish, price, and market all ePub and ePub3 titles and marketing pubs created in the Creator Studio or uploaded into the Admin store.

Gold ePub and ePub3 Author Marketing Plan with 7-Day Free Trial. The Gold Plan gives an author Admin privleges to create, price, and sell titles. EMRE Publishing will also market for the author using Amazon, Facebook and Google ads. Author pays but EMRE's expertise is great to rifle onto specific audiences. Exclusive access to streaming platforms described above.

Platinum ePub and ePub3 Author Marketing Plan and 7-Day Free Trial. The Platinum Author Plan gives author Admin privleges to create, price, sell and market titles. EMRE will market titles through Google, Facebook and Amazon. Author pays but EMRE's expertise is great to rifle onto specific audiences. Exclusive access to streaming platforms described above. Full service support.