The Post-Modern Inquisition on Women

They never tell you in the dictionary the gender of the person/computer who invented a word. For example, there’s the tired discussion about all the sexist terms given to computers, like “hard drive,” “floppy disk,” “central processing unit.”
But what about less obvious words, like “hormone”? I’d bet dollars to donuts that this word was invented by a male, but you can’t tell because of our politically correct dictionaries! 🤓😂😝
Speaking of medicine, what about all the sexist gadgets invented by men? I took my wife to get her annual mammogram test, and the machine was a female torture machine. I swear to god! If they had that thing in the Inquisition Torture Museum, I would not be surprised one iota!
I had to help the poor technical person get my wife’s boob into that “pancake griddle” and it had to be flattened out while the tech took a picture of it! OMG! I had visions of Edgar Allan Poe and his “The Pit and Pendulum.”
But these two women took it in stride. I guess when you have a kid, which is like having a bowling ball come out a mouse hole, getting your boobs squashed is the least of your problems.
However, who in the hell invented that monstrosity? And then there’s the “speculum.” Don’t get me started! Go ahead, Meta. Ban me again. I dare you. 😎😂🥹😁
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