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Greg Ioannou

         Greg Ioannou

Today, I spoke with Greg Ioannou President at Publaunch, a startup company that hopes to roll-out its services in February or March of next year.  He is also Owner of Colborne Communications in Toronto, one of the largest publishing services providers in Canada, so when it comes to what authors really need out of the publishing process Greg is a “go to guy.”

Besides getting a client referral from Greg (a scientist who wants to do a multimedia and interactive book about ancient alien spacecraft!), I was also learning about Greg’s new website.  My company will be part of Greg’s effort to give independent authors a “go to place” to get matched-up with all the quality publication services they need to get their titles produced to save time and make a profit.  Not only that, but Greg’s visionary enterprise will also give authors a way to get funding for their individual projects from readers and from other companies.

“The author will, say, get funded from our crowd-funding section of the website, and then take that money and purchase all the quality printing, design and illustration, and marketing services to get their title out there.  The best part is that the author will collect 85% of the royalties from their product,” Greg explained in our conference call.

Greg knew that my company had a similar structure of 85% royalties for our authors, so we were on the same page.  What we need today is a service like Greg’s Publaunch to supply the correct algorithms, which will allow authors to find the right editors, marketers and public relations people for their specific budgetary and (especially) quality needs at the push of a button.

“We’ll be giving editors, illustrators, marketers and publishers like you a finder’s fee of 10% for referring someone to our crowdfunding section,” Greg explained.  “In return, we’ll be referring our authors to you for services you can provide.”

After I explained my unique ability to develop ePub3 (interactive, enhanced eBooks), Greg said he had somebody in mind, and he would be personally referring this individual to me.  Once this becomes an online service, I can see Publaunch and EMRE Publishing taking off into the stratosphere of Indie Publishing expertise.

Greg and I also agreed that we will always be completely honest with authors when it comes to their prospects for selling titles.  “We know that our crowd-funding component will allow the author to see what prospects are out there for the book to make money, so this will provide a good filter of reality for the new author.  We don’t want our clients to spend their life savings on some book that has no chance of turning a profit,” said Greg.

The bar needs to be raised in terms of allowing independent authors to get the best and fastest services at prices they can afford.  But the most important feature of Publaunch, as it is at EMRE, is matching the right author with the right expert. There are no current providers like our two organizations, so get ready for a new age of publishing coming right to your mobile device next year.  If you provide editing, marketing or public relations services, then get in touch with Greg today.

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