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Seriously. I will never, until I die, understand how so-called Christians have such blind “faith” in Donald J. Trump as any kind of a leader, much less that he was sent by God to save decency in the world.
Forget (I don’t) the facts that he was twice impeached by the Congress for acts committed against the Constitution of these United States, including an act that would have had you taken out and shot (calling directly to supporters to overthrow the government) in less liberal countries (like Russia or China). He’s also being indicted this week for his actions in New York whereby he had his attorney pay a porn star money so she wouldn’t tell the press about fucking him while his wife was pregnant with his child, which is not only illegal, but is also highly “un-Christian,” if you analyze it through Jesus’s eyes. You know, “What would Jesus do?”
Jesus, as a matter of fact, if you read the Bible, saved a woman who was also a prostitute to the appetites of men like Trump, the way Stormy Daniels is. Her name was Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene, and she was one of Jesus’s most devoted followers.
I quote a passage about her in one of my award-winning short stories, “Prophet,” about a young female who is gang-raped in Guatemala City and comes to San Diego to work as a nanny to a wealthy Catholic woman in La Jolla. Here’s what I added in this story at the ending:
The room is filled with radiant light. I can see her, sitting on the bed, her raven hair shiny with perspiration, her eyes looking upward toward the ceiling, in an obvious ecstatic pose. I remember seeing that same look in a painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio I once saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. For some reason, the complete explanation of this painting appears in my mind’s eye. It is not Mary, the mother of Jesus. Instead, it is Mary Magdalene, the whore Jesus forgave.
After Christ’s death his faithful female disciple Mary of Magdala moved to southern France, where she lived as a hermit in a cave at Sainte-Baume near Aix-en-Provence. There she was transported seven times a day by angels into the presence of God, ‘where she heard, with her bodily ears, the delightful harmonies of the celestial choirs.’
In my opinion, if this guy Mr. Trump, were really sent by God, he would have attempted to save “Stormy Daniels” (Stephanie Gregory Clifford) from her sordid lifestyle, instead of trying to pay her off so she wouldn’t tell the press. What Mr. Trump did is like Jesus trying to pay-off Mary Magdalene for washing his feet with her hair because it would make him look bad to the Jewish and Roman public.
So, don’t feel like this guy Trump is some kind of savior, dear Christian brethren. He’s not. Trust me. He’s just afraid, as we all would be having done some of the stuff he’s done. Examine your own conscience and ask yourself if Donald John Trump is worthy to be called a “savior” of anybody other than him and his family. And, the way he “orders people to do his dirty work,” I doubt he can even save them.
P.S., the look on Mary’s face is exactly the look I get when I write something ecstatically good. LOL!
Mary Magdalene
Take care. We, as a nation, are bigger than one man, even a former President.
James Musgrave
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