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We Give Publishers and Educators the Best Way to Prepare for the Next Publishing Revolution

Watch this video for an introduction to our Embellisher™ Platform.

What is the next publishing revolution?  Take a look at what young people are doing.  They are mixing media with their music, with their art and with their literature.  The next revolution in digital content will be multimedia or what the nerds call “ePub3” formatting.  In addition, the next publishers must be open to another development in entertainment and education technology called Virtual Reality (VR).  At EMRE Publishing, LLC, we give publishers and educators a way to create the content for this new revolution with our Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application.

Multimedia Publishers Awaken and Develop Your New Audience

Each publisher who wants to develop content for this new revolution in entertainment must be mobile in order to meet the demands of users who will be reading on their mobile devices.  That’s why we have developed the only mobile application that provides the publisher with a platform that contains all of the elements needed to create, market and sell this new reading experience.  Inside our app, you receive the ePub3 Creator Studio, where you can create the multimedia eBooks using your own content and design, or you can outsource this content development to our experts.

In addition, you will receive an ePub3 eReader that is a Digital Rights Management secure platform for your readers to enjoy the latest multimedia titles you’ll be providing direct to their mobile devices.  This eReader will be used exclusively for your titles, so users can’t steal them.  Therefore, they must be online in order to access them.  Over three billion dollars a year have been lost to eBook pirates, so we wanted our clients to have the safest way to deliver their expensive titles to a new readership.

Add More to Your Multimedia Publishing System

Also, if you want to add even more to your platform, we can provide an installation of your own Php-enabled eMail Marketing system.  You can use this system to market pre-publication campaigns to your mailing list and also provide relevant articles concerning your publications’ topics and send them directly to your readers’ eMail addresses.  You can keep all of your buyers and newsletter subscribers safely in this database, which is exclusive to your brand and to your authors.

Perhaps you want a forum wherein your readers can interact directly with your authors.  We can also install this into your system.  Again, this is all communicated through mobile devices, so your readers need only login once.

You’ll Have an Administrative System that Allows You to Expand Your Future Business Model

The Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application allows the license holder to establish a complete mobile publishing business.  Your stable of creative authors can each have his or her own platform inside your application wherein they will be connected with their readers directly.  Each author will then be able to send instant messages to their readers if they have a new title coming out or if they just want to solicit feedback or send their readers a personalized newsletter.  As soon as your author develops his or her multimedia eBook inside the studio, he or she can copy the link and send it to their readers.  The readers simply click on the link, and the new eBook will open inside their personalized eReader Library.

In addition, if you wish, you can allow your authors to pay you in order to be able to price their own titles inside their store.  Simply use our handy Stripe bank account codes, and whenever a reader buys a new book, the author will get the money deposited directly into his or her account.

Finally, because we are an “open source code” company, we will be able to expand into the new technology of Virtual Reality (VR).  Although most of the development of content is in the gaming industry right now, we have no doubt that it will soon be included in the eBook world, whereby reading a book will also include the extra feature of touring the author’s historical setting by VR goggles.

We want you to keep your revenue streams constantly open to new ideas and to new technological developments.

Schools and Company Training Departments Can Also Develop Multimedia Titles

Our Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application can also be used by schools (K-12 and college) and company training departments.   Schools can allow teachers and students to work together inside the ePub3 Creator Studio to create projects for any class subject.  These projects can be “tested” through alpha and beta development, and you can also show the popularity of the final project by allowing the school or company to “purchase” the final product (the system can obviously be set so no real money is transacted, in the case of schools).

Our system serves as an excellent addition to other Learning Management Systems like Blackboard and Moodle.  All student eMails can be exported from our admin to other LMS.

Please note:  Your free trial will not allow you into the Admin or “back end” of our system.  You will need to get a personal consult in order to see how this works.




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