Why Artificial Intelligence is Not Art

The reason I believe AI is not art is because we are already “programmed” by computers. They control everything.

Also, they control the total destruction of the earth with weapons. Finally, they have cheating AI now, and novels and paintings that are almost completely “created” by a computer. Movies that make the most money are remote and use AI in the form of CGI to create action scenes and special effects.

All the human does is program it. Once programmed, the AI becomes separate from the human. For example, warfare was once conducted mostly face-to-face, so there were even rules and regulations to determine behavior on the battlefields of the world. Today? Not so much. In the last major wars and today’s proxy wars, mostly civilians die because the weapons are remotely controlled and are distant. Robotic AI soldiers are next and they are already developed, and police robots are seriously considered.

As an artist who used a computer to create, I also see my technology’s benefits. But, in the final analysis, it is my brain that decides the final words to type on my keyboard, not an AI programmed entity. If you want to argue that our brain is a computer, then our discussion is over. Believing that computers are human brains is what got us into this self-destruct mode in the first place.

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