Why Mobile Publishing and Reading Will Take Over


Head-to-Head between Mobile and Amazon Publishing Systems

I’m going to compare the five major differences between publishing with a mobile app (such as the Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App) and Amazon (and its Kindle Direct Publishing System).  These differences will prove to be the major reasons why mobile creation, sales and promotion will soon overtake the Amazon method of doing business.

Mobile App’s Superior DRM

One of the first questions publishers ask me when they are deciding whether to switch from the Amazon method of selling eBooks is whether or not eBooks being sold through our app are more or less secure.  We all know the stories of pirated eBooks being sold or given away online.  This means that the eBooks being sold on the major sales channels, like Amazon, are being easily decrypted.  This is a fact pointed out on many technical websites.

Our app’s Digital Rights Management is far superior to Amazon’s because only a single page of each eBook is decrypted for the reader, whereas the complete book (and its encryption key!) is available to the reader through the Kindle app.  Therefore, most of the eBook’s contents is protected inside the Embellisher™ at all times, while an entire eBook can be decrypted at once through the Amazon eReader.

Only One Login Required

Another major difference between the Amazon app and the Embellisher™ is the fact that the reader only needs to login once to access his/her library.  In the Amazon method, different logins are required depending upon what the reader wants to access (Goodreads, promotions, etc.).  This causes a lot of confusion for non-technical folks.

Seamless Multimedia Display

The Embellisher™ can play any embedded video flawlessly, whereas Amazon Kindle is known for its buggy video playblacks–even inside the high-end Kindle eReader.  Let’s face it, one of the main reasons why readers are changing from dedicated eReaders like the Kindle is the fact that they want to access video and other multimedia made for their mobile devices (iPad, Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.).  Although Amazon does provide an app, it still has difficulty with multimedia playback.  In addition, content providers are limited to the “big five” publishers, and so indies are left to not include any video or audio in their eBooks.

Only our app can play multimedia without these problems.  If you aren’t one of the “big five publishers,” then your chances of getting your multimedia accepted by Amazon (or any other major eBook distributor) are slim.  Only by selling directly to your reader through a publishing app like ours will you be able to circumvent the multimedia stranglehold on enhanced eBooks.

Authors Make Higher Royalties through a Publishing App

The most an indie author can collect by selling through Amazon is a 70% royalty share.  All authors who publish through our mobile app collect 85% royalty share.  Not only that, but if a self-published author decides to license and install our Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing App on their server, then they can keep 100% of the price of the book.

This is important for indie authors because they sell to niche audiences.  Since our new “turnkey” Embellisher™ App will also contain a complete direct mail marketing system, these niche audiences will be able to be reached without any problem.  Let’s face it, reaching your specific audience is the holy grail for any publisher, and that includes the big companies.  If indies can do it, then they have a direct method of keeping up with the big companies.

Authors/Publishers Have Goodreads and Social Promotion/Marketing inside One App

Most authors are aware of Goodreads.com.  This is an Amazon-owned website where readers can hob-nob with authors of Amazon published books.  What if I told you that you can have a Goodreads inside a single app?  Not only that, but you can teach an entire online course through a mobile app.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that readers will want to communicate with an author in his/her own dedicated application instead of getting lost inside a gigantic website like Goodreads?  Why does the reader have to login to another website just to communicate with the author?  We provide an author and reader forum inside our Embellisher™, and this will also provide the licensee with a portable and direct marketing link with his special readers.


The change from reading on proprietary eReaders to reading on mobile devices is happening at lightening speed.  The new generation of readers will want enhancements inside their eBooks that work flawlessly and without any technical glitches to ruin their experience.  Only those companies (like EMRE Publishing, LLC) who can provide the best reading experience will be able to keep up with the new demand.  The Amazons of the world are also worried about this switch, and they should be.  The future is in the hands of the independent author/publisher/reader, and we believe that’s where it should have been in the first place.   The paradigm of publishing will change from a top-down system (Amazon’s) to an author-publisher-reader first system (Embellisher™).


Short Tutorial on How to Access Your App

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