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Discover the amazing benefits of registering for free on this website! We offer exclusive access to top-notch reader and author features that you won’t find anywhere else. Use technology developed over many years by award-winning author and professor James Musgrave, who worked at Caltech/JPL and taught online at many California colleges. As many others have done, you might see your book drive more traffic direct to your sales landing page. As they say at NASA, “Start your countdown to launch!”

At the subscriber level, you will have complete access to all of our menu items. Plus, you’ll receive a free copy of Professor James Musgrave’s internationally award-winning speculative historical fiction novel, Forevermore, in three different formats (.pdf, .epub, and .mobi). Subscribers will also have full access to the Embellisher (TM) eReader and Creator Studio, where you can access both regular and multimedia eBooks. You can also create your own titles and interactive games to send over social media for fun and profit. Readers sign up in the below form (Note: You must fill in all information or your registration will be deleted for security reasons.)

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Authors can take advantage of our Embellisher (TM) creation and delivery platform for ePub3 books. This unique system includes extra access at Administrator level to easily create promotional videos and other media to attract reader traffic in your free “Five Ducks in a Row” trial promotion launch. You’ll have free access to both the creation platform and the Direct Story Author Tool, which allows you to sell your books directly to your readers following our step-by-step process, which will be explained in detail once you register. You can also feature and sell your newly created ePub3 (multimedia) versions on our platform. Test your own books or one you create using our platform. Your traffic and sales can increase immediately. If not, then there’s no risk. It’s a free deal! Authors please register in the form below. (Note: You must fill in all information or your registration will be deleted for security reasons.)

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Rest assured that both reader and author registrants will be emailed secure login credentials to access our Embellisher (TM) platforms. Join us now and experience a completely new and A.I.-enhanced method of delivering your intellectual property to readers. All author/publisher/administrator teams (up to 5 members) will use the GPT working platform Notion for free to plan their promotional marketing projects and get the latest SEO and other advantages of having an A.l. platform at your fingertips. We can also create a video for you to use for $50.00 (see the link in the menu after you register).

Let’s take your reading and writing experience to the next level! Watch the below video if you register as an author. It shows you how the ePub3 Book Marketing test (free or done for you) consists of.

Authors: If you want to schedule a meeting online with the owner, please fill out this form.

Free Trial Book Marketing Test and D2R. See how much traffic your baby can bring to you!