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Warning: Graphic sex acts described between humans and Norse Legend creatures and gods for social and literary purposes.

About the Authors

Lily Orkidedatter has been a medium and educated psychotherapist in her job in Oslo, Norway, for over twenty years. She’s also working for the police to question victims, witnesses, and accused psychopaths, pedophiles, rapists, and killers. The poetry included in these novels are from the haunting, true-life events she’s lived. She decided to lend her identity to award-winning author, James Musgrave. He’s crafting this series. Both Orkidedatter and Musgrave are childhood survivors of rape and sexual/mental abuse.

To see Lily’s list of current books of poetry and artwork go to: https://linktr.ee/Orkidedatter

James Musgrave is a childhood rape survivor, U. S. Naval Veteran, and award-winning author of over forty fiction and non-fiction titles. He works for the V.A.’s suicide-prevention hotline and counsels and sponsors recovering addicts. All his historical mysteries have been vetted and accepted by the American Library Association’s Biblioboard.com program for sales and distribution. He was also a journalist and English Professor for over twenty-five years in San Diego.

"One woman's fantasy tale of breaking free from the control of others to earn her sexual and artistic freedoms."

The upcoming novel Orkidedatter is a collaboration between the author, James Musgrave, and Lily Orkidedatter, a psychotherapist working with the Olso police department to track down sex-traffickers, rapists, and pedofiles. She and the author, James Musgrave, were abused sexually as children. His rape and her abuse are “fictionalized” in this novel in poetic and other fantastic ways. Needless to say, we want the issue of sexual abuse to be realistically understood by the public the way that it is not today. Most abuse, for example, comes from family members and other close relatives. Therefore, it is not reported or the victims are so shamed that they are afraid to report it. Also, the laws are lenient toward the abusers in most parts of the world.

The author has also fictionalized the issue of “sex addiction,” in that the fantasy “spirit identity” of Astrid “Lily” Orkidedatter has been placed under a curse by Dr. Paul Balder, V, and she cannot make love to any human, only to Norse mythological creatures under his control. Therefore, the entire plot revolves around Lily attempting to free herself from this entrapment and become an independent woman, in charge of her own sexual needs and desires.

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In order to gain support for Musgrave and Orkidedatter’s money donations to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), which is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, they are offering a free audiobook copy of the novel to those who review the Advanced Review Copy of this fantasy novel. Once we recieve your short review by email, you will be listed to receive the free audiobook, read by award-winning British actress, Nikki Delgado. It will be available in mid-July, 2022.

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Free Sample from Orkidedatter read by award-winning narrator, Nikki Delgado

Chapter One: Is That All There Is?

Sex and Intimacy Course Taught Online By Psychotherapist Lily Orkidedatter
and Professor James Musgrave

Completely Free and Private

This course is a discussion by students and hosts about why sensuality, sexual intercourse, and what one does with his/her private body may be of no concern to anybody but the private person. And, if society does have a stake in what we do, how is this regulated and applied? Certainly, a “one size fits all agenda” usually doesn’t work. So, how do we compromise? Perhaps it’s how each person establishes personal boundaries and awareness concerning how our sensual beings are manipulated and used by others for profit, for personal power, and for many other reasons other than what is good for the individual. What we enjoy in the way of sensual and sexual stimulation is up to us to determine, within reason, and that will be the “theme” of this course. We will also discuss societal rules about this, as they differ by what the separate country and societal laws say. Who is right? Who is wrong? Why do we have these boundaries, and what good do they do for humanity?

This course will use the metaphorical fictional fantasy, Orkidedatter, to discuss and do healthy exercises in private about what intimacy means, how one can heal past abuses and wounds, and how we should work with others who want to understand how honesty is the only cure to these problems in our lives, if we want to prevent a “shame based culture.”

Here’s an example post that will be available at the private discussion available for free at the provided link:

Chapter Two. Lily’s spirit mother, Ingrid, a former Oslo prostitute, narrates this chapter of the novel. I used a prostitute because it gave me a way to show a darker side of Oslo than it actually has. It’s a wonderful city, filled with nature and magnificent scenery, but my theme is very dark, of course, so I needed to have a dark spirit mistress and mother for our hero, Lily Orkidedatter.

The “key” to analyzing the thematic purpose of the entire novel, perhaps, is to understand what the importance of Lily’s poem The Evil Lives Inside means to her character and to the rest of the growing novel. It is my belief, as a novelist and creator, that all of life is growing, at all times, and that we must recognize this growth for what it actually is and not what we might have superimposed on our brains from our social conditioning. Therefore, my co-host for this course, the “real” Lily Orkidedatter, will explain why she wrote this poem, which (perhaps sadly) is based on an actual person she met in her capacity as a psychotherapist working for the police department.

At any rate, I used this one poem and “grew my plot,” almost organically, except for the questioning I had for Lily along the way, and my research into the actual policies of the Oslo Police and the environment in which she worked, under great pressures, I might add.

So, listen carefully to this chapter and let it play down into your own subconscious to bring up some experiences and fears. It is my idea that it is “fear” which separates us as humans, and it is the “powers that be in society” who know how to use our fears to separate us. What’s your opinion on that statement?

Give your reaction to this poem in Chapter Two. Does it bring anything to mind about why I would select it as a thematic symbol for the entire plot? How does violence and rape figure into life in general?


This was a sample of the nineteen discussion posts for readers to use in our private online forum. They will be posted before July 17, for free access to all readers of Orkidedatter. Professor Musgrave and Lily Orkidedatter will host and comment to any responses made by our readers.

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James Musgrave and Lily Orkidedatter

women's erotica fiction

Angrboda Goddess of War Against Balder

To love humans again, Astrid Lily Orkidedatter (Orchid Daughter) has to make love with sexy Norse creatures. Great Fantasy Comedy and Women's Erotica Fiction.

Women's Erotica Fiction
Real Life Psychotherapist, Medium and Poet Lily Orkidedatter

Best Fantasy Fiction from EMRE Publishing

Synopsis of Series and First Book:

Lily Orkidedatter is a Paranormal Medium and police psychotherapist.  She fights Dr. Paul Balder, V, owner of Titan Energy. Her love is controlled by this wizard. Thus, she must break free of her sensual sex addiction. This may lead to a final confrontation at the end of the world, or Ragnarök.

In this first volume of the series, Orkidedatter (Orchid Daughter) Lily joins with Dr. Martin Seagraves from San Diego. Seagraves becomes part of the fight to destroy Valhalla Castle. A lot of comedy and absurd confusion ensues. As a result, the police and Interpol step in. Vladimir Putin’s Chechen soldiers are guarding Balder’s castle. The battle inside Balder’s Valhalla Castle is between the supernatural powers. Therefore, the sexual action is hot an heavy, as Lily makes love to escape Balder’s powerful grip. He is a hunk, but he is also a slave master!

Note: Lily Orkidedatter has been a medium and educated psychotherapist in her job in Oslo, Norway, for over twenty years. She’s also working for the police to question victims, witnesses, and accused psychopaths, pedophiles, rapists, and killers. The poetry included in these novels are from the haunting, true-life events she’s lived. She decided to lend her identity to award-winning author, James Musgrave. He’s crafting this series. Both Orkidedatter and Musgrave are childhood survivors of rape and sexual/mental abuse. To see Lily’s list of current books of poetry and artwork go here.

Exciting, Funny, and Sensual Fantasy

Read a sample chapter from this novel.

“Narratively, the story juxtaposes facets of Jungian psychology with elements of classic gothic horror. The resulting tapestry is a multi-layering of cognitive perspectives over an archetypal view of lust, love, and loss.” Louise Blackwick, Internationally Bestselling author of the Vivian Amberville Fantasy Series.

Not since authors like Angela Carter and The Bloody Chamber, or Garcia Marquez and One Hundred Years of Solitude, has there been a writer who can weave contemporary urban Gothic with magical realism and cultural fantasy, in such a surreal and provocative way. James Musgrave’s new series Fire Eyes will fill a unique place in the current erotic fantasy landscape.

Orkidedatter (Orchid Daughter) is a book that will leave you spellbound and shocked. It will also weave into your mind in a uniquely literary and humorous way that will give you a craving for the next episode in Lily’s fantastic and erotic adventures.

As I did Norse Myth research for my erotic fantasy series, Fire Eyes, I read a few of the stories. When you compare Norse Myth to something like the Bible, Koran, or Upanishads, it’s hilariously different.

For example, the story where Thor dresses as the bride and Loki morphs into a bride’s maid, had me spitting up my Oat milk laughing! If they had stories like these in Catholic School, I might not have fallen asleep!
That’s why I incorporate so much humor in my erotic fantasies set in Norway. Except, Orkidedatter can get pretty “dark,” so she needs to laugh once in awhile, and I can actually make her laugh, believe it or not (even in real life).
Great stuff! 😍🤩😂

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