Sell Your Digital Books, Goods, and Services Directly to Mobile Customers

Tired of Paying Profits to Amazon and Others?

Take this free online Zoom Course to introduce you to the overall application and do a Q&A with the owner about how you can implement the strategies (creative, marketing, and sales) for your specific purposes.

Get a free website location to join our “slow revolution” toward weaning ourselves off Amazon and all the other online eBook retailers.

What are you currently paying for a website?  If you can give us your domain information, we can point you to a new place to hang your hat.  EMRE Publishing wants you to learn how to gradually get away from giving your profits to Amazon and others.  You can begin by setting up your author online presence here.

*You must have a registered domain to qualify.  Also, you must discuss your goal(s) and business model with the owner, James Musgrave.

Here’s what you’ll get.  Compare it to what you now have and then make a choice:

  • Unlimited storage space for your media.
  • Php-enabled and contains WordPress website creation tools and plugin access.
  • You will have a private domain location and will not share with others.
  • Your site will have the security of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to make your direct sales to customers safe.
  • If you choose to enroll in our ePub3 Creator Studio Plan A, you can do what others have done to gradually “cut the cord” from Amazon.

All we need to move you into your new free location is the domain nameservers from your present host.  Send these namesservers to us and we’ll point them to your new website.  You can save the web pages from your old website and load them inside the new WordPress software we will have loaded inside your new domain presence.

Plan for Your Publishing and Marketing Future

You can keep your free website, and you don’t have to pay us anything for it in the future.  It’s yours to use as you please, with the usual caveats about doing business with unsavory people, sales of pornography, or the solicitation or sale/use of any product that encourages hatred or violence.

However, since we will be using our collective knowledge to attract new visitors, you may want to read on.  The idea we have is to increase your mailing list of followers in order to gradually break free of the middlemen like Amazon who take a lot of your sales profits.  This does not mean you cut them (or any other sales channels you might still have) out of the picture right now.

In fact, our whole concept is to use these channels until you have enough of a following (people on your mailing list) to begin selling directly to them on their mobile devices.  Why?  Because, by the year 2025, seventy-two percent of the world’s population will be doing all of their reading and/or purchasing on their mobile devices.

If you already have at least 100 email followers with whom you directly communicate, then read about our plans:

Optional Plan A ($195 and you own it)

If you want the tools to create, market and sell directly to your list of email readers to their mobile devices, then please pay attention.

EMRE Publishing’s Plan A does the following for you:

  • We install the Embellisher (TM) eReader and Store directly to your new website.  You do nothing but use it on your domain, and it’s yours to keep forever, at no further cost.
  • A complete mobile sales platform that will allow you to sell directly to your customers.
  • One of the safest eBook platforms available to ensure your eBooks won’t get pirated.
  • Stripe Payment System built right into the platform (charges less than Paypal and Apple Pay).
  • A Forum component built into the platform so you can communicate with your clients in private.
  • Upgrade of your ePub3 Creator Studio to Author and Publisher status with full access to extra tutorials and templates.
  • A variety of marketing tutorials to show you how to sell to your clients using the platform’s features.
  • Unique publishing features so you can create ePub3 eBooks and multimedia product home and landing pages.
  • If you need a more tailored look for your business, then we can do that also.
  • A mobile sales platform that will allow you to sell and educate directly to your customers.

Optional Plan B ($250 and you can use our Email Campaign program)

Some of our clients don’t have access to mailing list campaign software.  Therefore, we have included this optional plan.  It is a great deal because you’ll get to do “cooperative marketing campaigns” with other members who might write in a similar genre and have a mailing list to share which enhances your own.

These cooperative campaigns are the core of our future strategy.  The growth of direct sales to the client, reader and student depends upon growing your mailing list campaigns and the size of your client base.  Therefore, having access to a communal mailing list campaign software that you can use collectively (unlike software like MailChimp), makes your effort work more effectively with a higher return on your investment.

This email campaign software is Php-based, so you can easily use it inside your new website.

Also, you receive a private installation and ownership of the ePub3 Creator Studio.  This means you will have a private resource to allow other publishers and students to use your software.  You can even charge them for using it.

Ready to Begin?

After the course, you can then establish your roots on our server with a new, cost-free web presence.  Email me, Jim Musgrave, and give me the login information of your domain host, or (if you can access it) give me the nameservers I can use to set you up with a new website.*

*Note:  Be sure to copy all the html pages from your old site so you can upload them into the WordPress software on your new site.

Do you already know if you want to start selling your products directly to mobile clients?  Then, visit our payment options page.

Here’s a sample eMail exchange with a long-time radio and podcast professional, Carol Adams, with whom I have booked an August appointment to be on her show.  She was interested in the Embellisher for the book she’s writing to cap her brilliant career presenting “The Matter of the Heart” radio show and podcast.  You can also visit my online Stingaree multimedia eBook project, as Carol did, to see what you can do with your own project(s).

There is so much information that I will read again and again.

Thanks so much


The Matter of the Heart podcast

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 26, 2020, at 2:40 PM, wrote:

Hello Carol,

This is confirming our show to be on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 5:30 PM via Zoom call.

In addition, you can take a look at how a multimedia book can be designed by viewing the current 6th mystery in my Portia of the Pacific series, Stingaree.

First, you must register inside the app with a free account here.  Click on the little man on the top-right, and enter your email and a password.

After you’ve done this, then click on this link.  It will bring-up the eBook into your eReader.

The book will explain what I’m doing under the “How to Use This Book” section in the Table of Contents.

For your future book, I would advise you to publish three versions, at different prices and at different times, leading to the launch of the multimedia version.  In the first two versions, you would promote the third version, the multimedia eBook.

  1. Conventional Paperback version with cover, text, and usual publication information.  This would have your personal ISBN number, which would also apply to your other two versions.  The paperback would be 6” x 9” format with a glossy cover.  It can contain photos.
  2. A conventional eBook (not with multimedia) distributed through the usual Amazon channels and worldwide.  This would have a link to a “teaser” version of your multimedia book (similar to how I have published four chapters for my series readers).
  3. The ePub3 version, which is marketed inside #1 and #2.  This would include a music playlist (if you want it), audios of your shows, relevant photos to go with your storyline, and any other videos or other multimedia you can brainstorm to include for your readers (such as guided meditations, spiritual tutorials, etc.).  This would be priced for its “extra value” to both your listeners and you could include future multimedia books you want to sell to them with your personal Embellisher app that can be installed on your website.

Please see this page to get more information about what you can do with this Embellisher app.  The price is only $195, and you would own it.  If you want to tailor it with your brand, then that would cost a bit more.

I look forward to being on your show to talk about my Portia of the Pacific series and the 6th mystery in the series, Stingaree.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Jim Musgrave


EMRE Publishing, LLC

San Diego, CA 92120

Cell:  619-750-7360


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