Keep me movin', groovin', groovin', yeah movin', yeah mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile...

with The Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application.

What makes us different

FINANCIAL REASONSYou would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for an app like this if it were built from scratch. We did all the work for you and now we charge you less.
UNIQUE SOLUTIONSThe Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application is the only application of its kind available to authors and publishers. Totally mobile and totally awesome.
MARKETING OPTIONSThe Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application allows the license holder to establish a complete mobile publishing business. Your stable of creative authors can each have his or her own platform inside your application wherein they will be connected with their readers directly.

Our Short Story

What is the next publishing revolution? Take a look at what young people are doing. They are mixing media with their music, with their art and with their literature. The next revolution in digital content will be multimedia or what the nerds call “ePub3” formatting. In addition, the next publishers must be open to another development in entertainment and education technology called Virtual Reality (VR). At EMRE Publishing, LLC, we give publishers and educators a way to create the content for this new revolution with our Embellisher™ Mobile Publishing, Training and Education platform application. Ours is the most secure digital rights management system because readers access only one page of your eBook. Millions of dollars are lost to pirates because publishers use Amazon and Apple eReaders. Why not get the most secure app for your intellectual property?

EMRE Publishing doesn't have a middle man to shrink your share of the sales. Unlike Amazon, we offer a more cost efficient proposal to actually let you make more money than on Amazon or any other publishing platform. An eReader sales platform that doesn't take a major cut from YOUR eBook sales, that's just one of the perks the best digital publishing platform provides.

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You will receive an ePub3 eReader that is a Digital Rights Management secure platform for your readers to enjoy the latest multimedia titles you’ll be providing direct to their mobile devices. This eReader will be used exclusively for your titles, so users can’t steal them. Therefore, they must be online in order to access them. Over three billion dollars a year have been lost to eBook pirates, so we wanted our clients to have the safest way to deliver their expensive titles to a new readership.

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