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with the Embellisher (TM) Creator Studio, Multimedia eReader, and Mobile Marketing System.

What makes us different

FINANCIAL REASONSYou would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for an app like this if it were built from scratch. We did all the work for you and now we charge you less.
UNIQUE SOLUTIONSThe Embellisher (TM) Book Creation, Store and Marketing App is the only application of its kind available to authors and publishers. Totally mobile and totally awesome.
MARKETING OPTIONSWe can create your books and market them for you if you don't have the time. See how mobile marketing will soon become the best way to sell multimedia eBooks.

Our Short Story

EMRE Publishing, LLC is the best digital publishing platform, and here's why. Are you an author, publisher or an expert wanting to publish an eBook? Then our platform can provide you with all the tools to get your content to your readers. We provide all the tools to read, write and publish eBooks. We also distribute all our eBooks through, which will give you over 1,000 digital retailers (more added each month) and over 65,000 libraries from which to choose. We get your titles out there for the best marketing of your enhanced titles.

Why would you use this platform? EMRE Publishing doesn't have a middle man to shrink your share of the sales. Unlike Amazon, we offer a more cost efficient proposal to actually let you make more money than on Amazon or any other publishing platform. An eReader sales platform that doesn't take a major cut from YOUR eBook sales, that's just one of the perks the best digital publishing platform provides.

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If you're looking for EPUB 3 eBooks for your digital device, then you've certainly come to the right place. This innovative format is the best when it comes to electronic books and information products of all sorts.