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James Musgrave

Thanks for visiting my website. I have been writing for over 30 years, and the books in my two major historical mystery series have been curated and accepted by the American Library Association and featured in their Biblioboard Indie Author Project.
As an independent author, it is important that I have a way to prove to my readers that my work has been vetted by “professional readers,” as this serves to guarantee to my audience that my work has been edited and developed to satisfy some of the most experienced book-lovers in the United States. I hope you keep supporting your public libraries throughout the free world, as they perform a service that is much needed to freely circulate the best quality books available from all authors, not just the authors from the Big Five publishing houses. Look for the following label on independently published books to assure you have a vetted and quality title. As my grandmother used to say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Here I am talking about my latest mystery, The Dancing Murders, on The After Show with McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon.

Watch the above 30-min. video to see how I created my best-selling and award-winning plots in the Portia of the Pacific series.

Stories from Valley of the Dogs, Dark Stories show the agonies and ecstasies of totalitarianism, immigration, PTSD, Kafkaesque absurdity, and Hollywood star-power. 😆😎

Soon to be a great audiobook read by UK actress Nikki Delgado. 😁😎

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I have published many titles, and the most popular series books are featured under separate pages available through the top menu links. Please click on Lady Gaga’s bulldog (above) in the award-winning new adult fiction anthology, to join my mailing list and receive a free .pdf of the title story in my new story collection. However, you may also see my complete list at my Amazon Author page. As you can see, my favorite genre is Historical Mystery, as I was a college professor for many years, and I am an ardent historical researcher. I believe history repeats itself, and if we study the mistakes we’ve made in the past, we can correct the mistakes we make in the present. In other words, although history may be written by the victors, as Napoleon said, I also believe history is a gauge to change our path toward a better future.

As you may note, I also provide authors with a way to publish their eBook titles in a new, ePub3 (multimedia) format, and you may access this through my menu “Embellisher Marketing Stream” to see free examples. Email me for more details.

Visit my bookfunnel page to get reduced prices and free books in the Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery Series.

Visit my bookfunnel page to get reduced prices and free book in the Detective Pat O’Malley Historical Mystery Series.

Thanks for visiting my website, and leave comments and suggestions whenever you believe it can benefit others.

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