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Angrboda Goddess of War Against Balder

To love humans again, Astrid Lily Orkidedatter (Orchid Daughter) has to make love with sexy Norse creatures. Great Fantasy Comedy and Women's Erotica Fiction.

Warning: Graphic sex acts described between humans and Norse Legend creatures and gods for social and literary purposes.

Lily Orkidedatter is living a dark tale of erotica fiction. As a result, she awakens to new sexual experiences. Dr. Paul Balder, V lives in a Norwegian island castle. He created it in his son, Loki’s memory. Underlying this dark fairy tale is that Balder is a malevolent Norwegian multi-billionaire. Therefore, he masquerades as a noble philanthropist and “clean energy” entrepreneur. Orkidedatter is being used as a sensual sex experiment. Subsequently, Orkidedatter and her partner from the USA, Dr. Martin Seagraves, must destroy the entire Valhalla Castle in order to set her free from Balder’s “dream” control.

Women's Erotica Fiction
Real Life Psychotherapist, Medium and Poet Lily Orkidedatter

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Synopsis of Series and First Book:

Lily Orkidedatter is a Paranormal Medium and police psychotherapist.  She fights Dr. Paul Balder, V, owner of Titan Energy. Her love is controlled by this wizard. Thus, she must break free of her sensual sex addiction. This may lead to a final confrontation at the end of the world, or Ragnarök.

In this first volume of the series, Orkidedatter (Orchid Daughter) Lily joins with Dr. Martin Seagraves from San Diego. Seagraves becomes part of the fight to destroy Valhalla Castle. A lot of comedy and absurd confusion ensues. As a result, the police and Interpol step in. Vladimir Putin’s Chechen soldiers are guarding Balder’s castle. The battle inside Balder’s Valhalla Castle is between the supernatural powers. Therefore, the sexual action is hot an heavy, as Lily makes love to escape Balder’s powerful grip. He is a hunk, but he is also a slave master!

Note: Lily Orkidedatter has been a medium and educated psychotherapist in her job in Oslo, Norway, for over twenty years. She’s also working for the police to question victims, witnesses, and accused psychopaths, pedophiles, rapists, and killers. The poetry included in these novels are from the haunting, true-life events she’s lived. She decided to lend her identity to award-winning author, James Musgrave. He’s crafting this series. Both Orkidedatter and Musgrave are childhood survivors of rape and sexual/mental abuse. To see Lily’s list of current books of poetry and artwork go here.

Exciting, Funny, and Sensual Fantasy

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