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Distribution of digital goods is all about and for "control" of the product. It's always been that way on the World Wide Web. The web, itself, was developed by the military and civilian authorities to protect the PEOPLE lest there be (God forbid!) a natural or political disaster. Flash forward to 2020, and now the natural disasters are coming to fruition, are they not? But, since the PEOPLE have had time to mull things over, sequestered with their families, becoming "talking heads" themselves (instead of the ones on those big media channels out there), they've seen the Wizard for what he really has turned into. The Wiz no longer protects, he hordes digital properties. He no longer gives you the "key to the city," he locks the city up to "protect you" from the viruses and encroaching dictators who would shut-off all free and open access to each other. The PEOPLE are woke. The PEOPLE are moving to controlling their own destinies in this digital world. I intend to help artists and professionals gradually wean themselves off the "Amazons' teats," so to speak. Control your intellectual properties--at all costs--and create a digital platform that exudes confidence, professionalism and vigorous acceptance of multimedia.

Jim Musgrave, Owner and Publisher