DIY Tutorials for the Embellisher™

Tutorial 1:  How to Use a Template
Tutorial 2:  How to Use the “Insert Story” Tool
Tutorial 3:  How to Insert a Music Playlist
Tutorial 4:  How to Embed Videos
Tutorial 5 (step 1):  How to Preload Free Books
Tutorial 5 (step 2):  How to Run a Discount Coupon Promotion
Tutorial 5 (step 3):  How to Use Special Code Instructions
Tutorial 5 (step 4):  How to Embed Audio and Video
Tutorial 5 (step 5):  Social Marketing
Tutorial 5 (step 6):  How to Insert Affiliate Codes
Tutorial 5 (step 7):  How to Use the Author and Reader Forum
Tutorial 5 (step 8):  Let Us Do it for You!
Tweet and Download Tutorial
How to Do a Children’s eBook Promo
How to Add Users to a Separate Class/Admin
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