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Try the New Embellisher Video, Podcast and Live Stream Monetizing Platform

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Embellisher Video/LiveStream Server Marketing Platform

Our new EmbelishStream video platform will be ready for beta tests next week (11/2/20).

Among some of the features, EmbellishStream Video Platform allows you to import and encode videos from other sites directly from the Internet, as well as support for mobile devices, through the responsive layout of the site or through a hybrid application that allows you to directly view and stream videos of your mobile devices. We’ll also have “pop-up challenges,” which will give you creative prompts to create videos and possibly win prizes/money.


Don’t take our words for it You can reach your audience live by taking advantage of live streaming on EmbellishStream Platform Demo (coming soon).


We transcode multiple formats of multimedia files to MP4, HLS, WebM and MP3 files, and we can create video spectrum format.


It is a division designed to display a short personal description, thumbnails of videos you’ve uploaded, and your playlists.


You can monitor the performance of your videos with up-to-date metrics and reports in EmbellishStream Platform Statistics.


Designed to help you organize your videos.


Is to organize your videos into groups or themes to make it easier for you and your viewers to find the content they enjoy most.


You can translate YouPHPTube to create translation files, translating from one national language to another while maintaining the original document format.


A fluid grid system that automatically adapts your website to mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops. Your YouPHPTube looks incredible on any device.


Totally integrated function with YouTube, letting you sync your videos with YouTube.


Subscribe to channels you like to see more content from those channels.


It works by delegating user authentication to the Google or Facebook.


Makes easier YouPHPTube adds a specific feature to it’s system-enabling customization.

·        VIDEOS ADS

Just like Google Ad Sense, but it is a built in ad system, play and track a video before any of your media.

·        Third Party Ads

EmbellishStream Platform is ready to help you earn money when site visitors view or click the ads provided by WWBN and third party ad systems.

·        S3 PLUGIN

S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a fully scalable, fast and reliable service where it is a pay-as-you-go device.


Download videos from and a few more sites.

Rifle Marketing to Build Your Digital Platform

1.      We collect your intellectual property and organize it for marketing purposes.

2.      We plan your marketing strategy with you to best leverage and rifle your initial campaign to get new adopters and “free registrations” into your private Embellisher-eReader account.

3.      As an EMRE Publishing member, we show you how to use our music/podcast server platform to “embed” the work you want to market into our main Embellisher Multimedia Stream Marketing platform “sales ePub3 vehicle.”

4.      In most cases, we recommend you offer a “free taste” of one of your intellectual properties to get your niche audience to register for free inside your marketing and distribution platform.

5.      Planted inside your “free taste” will be a smorgasbord of your featured works that can be purchased and immediately enjoyed inside another ePub3 multimedia entertainment vehicle on the same mobile network. Each of these featured works (or podcasts) will have a “pay now” button for your listener to press to access the featured work of their choice.

6.      We schedule with you a campaign that rifles to a specific listening audience, and you can pay us to do this, or you can do it yourself, using FaceBook/Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or whichever social media advertising account platform you wish to use. These campaign ads will feature your introductory “free taste” to get clicks and registrants. Once an interested listener registers, they will access your “free trial” ePub3 (with the planted smorgasbord of your featured work).

7.      The exclusive beauty of our method is that you, as the creator, is always in control of the marketing results: the emails and names of your users. This is why our Embellishmusic server platform serves as a repository of your work only. This is the safest way to keep your listeners’ privacy secure as well as your intellectual properties! Also, you get paid instantaneously inside your private online Stripe bank account.

8.      In addition, what your first-time user will experience can be much more than just your song or your podcast program. You can also insert (using our other platforms) live-streamed interviews, live-streamed concerts, YouTube channel videos containing a variety of relevant creative displays to dazzle your new user so they will come back for more in the future. None of the “usual suspects” I mentioned above can provide this for you. You may get to feature your RSS feed or your intellectual properties can be streamed (and stolen) on their streaming server platforms. How many streaming “plays” does one need to make any money? You tell me. This “visual capitalist” seems to know something about this. At EMRE Publishing, you get to affix the price(s) (and experiment with prices) the market will bear.

9.      We aim to get you followers who will keep returning because you offer much more than just being one artist in the company of millions of other artists. You will be rifling your campaigns to harvest new followers and entertain them as only you can do this. With our three-platform approach, we believe you have a better chance for an exclusive and private sale with your clients, rather than the “wheel of fortune” that all these middlemen represent. Besides, all gamblers know you stand to win more at Blackjack than roulette. Our Blackjack marketing methods do just that: give you an audience who will appreciate your exclusive, secure and gutsy interface.

Thanks for your time. I will be conducting my free online tour of our platforms, and I will show you how to use them with us for maximum exposure to your precious intellectual properties. Privacy and security are always foremost on our minds here at EMRE Publishing. We hope you’ll become part of our team.

James Musgrave


EMRE Publishing, LLC

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