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Here’s why livestreaming and marketing your goods and/or services with our platforms are better than the “usual suspects” (YouTube,
FaceBook, Linkedin):

  • One or all three of the apps are installed on your website and integrated with your logo, look and feel.
  • You control the pricing and how to monetize your live event or recorded sales stream (YouTube now requires almost your first-born child to do this.)
  • You keep all the multimedia streaming private and under your control to prevent piracy.
  • You collect all the eMail addresses of your attendees for future promotional marketing.
  • You have many more payment options than any of our competitors. Your buyers can pay by Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay, and Wallet.
  • Your viewers can add to your revenue by number of plays.
  • You can add visual ads for sponsors and import Adsense ads.
  • No extra middlemen taking a chunk from your profits.
  • We help you design and run social media campaigns aimed at your very specific audience.

The social media ad campaign we can run for you depends on the length you want to run your campaign, the size of your reach, and what kind of cash you want to invest. In our experience, a well crafted video is the best draw to run in the ad, driving interested viewers to your website. We create what’s called a “taste” ePub3, which includes an intro by you to what you have to give the client. Then, like a Russian doll, it will contain a way for your prospective client to “get more” right inside the same free taste document. The campaign can be very focused to your market and can also ask them to sign up to be “registered for free” inside your database to see your “taste” marketing vehicle. You can “test” your ads for a little while to see if you’re getting signups and alter the videos or messages to see if it affects your ROI. The whole approach to social media ads is the “breadcrumb method.” Give them a taste for free to get them interested, but always include a way to “join up for in-depth lessons, books, courses or other merchandise” in a subscription or direct payment plan.

*Note: This offer includes a free ePub3 marketing vehicle and setup to be monetized into your bank account. It does not include any rifled ads to your prospective audience on FaceBook or Google Ads. Nor does it include any production of your videos, either recorded or livestreamed. We will, however create the payment gateways and do the livestreaming of your event inside our platform.

Schedule your live appointment today to discuss the event/video you want to promote. Click on the graphic and choose a date/time:online education

Digital Marketing Consultant and former college professor Jim Musgrave here.

I want to help you harness the power of multimedia to monetize your community and their talents to help them get through a long, grueling winter before we can get a handle on this COVID pandemic.

Using the infrastructures of popular business models already out there, I will show you how to setup successful platforms to get results, no matter how you wish to monetize them. Our platform can monetize in the same way YoutTube does, by numbers of plays registered and likes given, but you can also monetize directly, charging whatever amounts you wish to access certain groups, channels and individuals. Whichever monetizing structure you want to use, we can show you how to set it up according to your business plan.

Here are just a few ideas I can help you create, and there are many more, as long as I can have your genius and your input, and as long as you know the community in which you live, work, go to school, and go to religious services.

  • An online version of TikTok, where you control the content very closely and hold competitions between the best videos posted on your branded version of You can have rewards, such as a livestream performance created for the most popular artists and video creators on your platform.
  • A monetized multimedia “gift card business,” for your school, church, temple or mosque, whereupon you can appoint artists and musical talent, behind the scenes, to create original cards inside your version of the Embellsiher Creator Studio, and sell them online through our very private and secure Embellisher eReader platform, which can be sent directly over your own mobile network to registered people in communities around the world who have mobile phones.
  • Any kind of a talent show, similar to The Masked Singer or America/England has Talent, and simply call it something else. The unique ability of our Embellisher Stream video and audio platform to be monetized directly allows you to do this, where you can’t do it on YouTube or the other big websites. You also can keep a private database of all your payers and performers in order to hold regular contests.

These are just a few of the ways we can help you create with our three platforms, and I’m certain you’ll come up with many more. Register, if need be, and then use my free online ePub3 book How to Build Your Digital Marketing Platform to learn how to create with multimedia, and then tell me what you want to create for your first campaign to your private audience, whomever you’ve decided they be.

Watch this video on how I thrust a low-level folk singer into the stratosphere by creating her livestreaming event using all three of the Embellisher Mobile Marketing Stream Platforms:

Here’s a promotion I’m collaborating with another business at

Get Your Tune Featured in an Interactive Mystery

Author of the popular series, Portia of the Pacific Historical Mysteries, Professor James Musgrave, is now creating the sixth mystery entitled Stingaree. As he did in the third mystery, The Stockton Insane Asylum Mystery, he is featuring three fans, by name, in the plot. However, this sixth mystery will be quite different. He is making it into an ePub3 (multimedia) mystery with different “choose your suspect” plot lines. As Chapter Six begins, “The Trial of Wyatt Earp,” the reader will select one character to follow to the end of the book. If this character turns out to be the guilty person, then the reader will win a coupon to get a free copy of one of the five other books in the series. Find out more at the author’s book series Facebook page.

Here’s how you, as a musician, can get involved in this new book to feature your work (and a link back to your page). First, check-out the free sample of the first four chapters in this mystery here (register for free, and click on the Stingaree eBook on the Library Desktop). Read the plot. More importantly, listen to the SoundCloud playlist the author selected as types of music he wants to feature.

Obviously, he needs original sounds, with permission given from the artist, to include in the final “for sale” eBook. That’s where you come in. Choose some content, or a specific character, that inspires you to write/record a tune. Then, you can send this .mp3 direct to the author at his business email here. Please include your “permission to publish it in his new mystery” in the text of the email. If he chooses it, you will be included in the streamed playlist, together with a direct link back to, where the reader/listener can purchase/play more of your work.

We have subscription plans to suit all budgets. Cancel at any time.

We want to see your dream come true, so we can show you off, and let the world see how the new cooperative world genius can get things done for the betterment of us all!

 Watch this video to see how YouTube (and others) don’t allow direct monetizing unless you already make money for them!

We give you a platform that can instantly be monetized for whatever digital and audio/video streaming gig you want to run.

Here are just some of the ways our clients are using the Embellisher Mobile Multimedia Stream Platforms to increase revenue streams:

  • Run a complete podcasting streaming business.
  • Categorize, monetize and stream clients’ music, music videos, and livestreamed concerts.
  • Sell all formats of print and eBooks, as well as introduce readers to the new “multimedia” ePub3 world of “choose your own romances and adventures.” Hold book launches as livestreamed events for readers.
  • Create gaming stream business with cloud storage and livestreamed competitions in the growing interest in chess and other forms of games.
  • Establish a private educational tutoring and online school private business with conferencing, live video streaming, and interactive ePub3 courses and textbooks.
  • Sell privately as an Etsy, eBay or other seller, while harnessing the distribution power of social media ads. Push versus pull marketing works much better.
  • Maintain a streaming video/audio training site for a business and the clients/employees who need the ability to go completely mobile, with all controls in one place.

Just talk with Professor Musgrave about what you need, and he can fit his apps to suit them. Try it out, kick the tires, drive it around the block. The planning is 99 percent of the game. Conference now!

View the three platforms at Mr. Musgrave’s business page here. Click on the links at the top-right. You can get a free trial by clicking on  the Paypal subscription buttons below.


Subscribe from now until New Year’s and we waive the setup fees! If you’re a non-profit, please email to see our special rates for subscriptions.

Caltech Professor Jim Musgrave
Professor Jim Musgrave, Digital Marketing Developer and Consultant



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