Five Wonderful Historical Mysteries and Preparing to Introduce the Sixth

Author James Musgrave has brought his Portia of the Pacific investigations down to San Diego, in Stingaree, which will be the first interactive, “choose the suspect” ePub3 (multimedia) mystery ever created for his readers’ enjoyment. As part of the fun in this tribute to Attorney and Detective Clara Shortridge Foltz (based on the real woman, who was the first female attorney appointed to the California Bar and the founder of the Public Defender’s Office), two women and one man have been chosen to be portrayed as fictional characters. In addition, in cooperation with, there will be original and recorded songs for this new book, which is scheduled to be published in February, 2021.

Visitors can participate in the book launch by visiting the series Facebook page. Also, prospective fans of the series may see the first four chapters of Stingaree, in draft format, by registering for free in the secure Embellisher eReader platform here. After logging in, just click on the free eBook, Stingaree, which appears on the eReader’s Library desktop. In addition, new fans of the series can win a free copy of to of the enhanced (ePub3) digital versions available online inside the Embellisher (TM) ePub3 eReader. With historical videos and graphics, as well as a full reading of the mystery by Chinese-American, Anne James, Chinawoman’s Chance is an entertaining experience. The second enhanced version is The Spiritualist Murders, read by the author, which is also included as part of the price.

Readers of Stingaree who choose the correct “suspect” will be winners of these two enhanced eBooks. In fact, everybody who buys the Stingaree will win something, whether it’s a coupon for reduced prices or a live-streamed visit with the author.

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All five of these mysteries were vetted and selected to be in the California Independent Publisher Project, as were the four mysteries in the popular Detective Patrick James O’Malley series set in the 1860s of New York City (Forevermore, Disappearance at Mount Sinai, Jane the Grabber, and Steam City Pirates.)  

All visitors may read the digital copies through a public library in California at Biblioboard.

James Musgrave
James Musgrave

About James Musgrave

James Musgrave was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. He taught as a Professor of English and worked as a Supervisor, Management Development at Caltech, Pasadena and at various San Diego colleges. He is now the author, publisher, and Digital Marketing Consultant at EMRE Publishing, LLC in San Diego. He has won many writing awards, and his mysteries are “featured selections” by the American Library Association. He was also a Finalist in the Bram Stoker Awards, Won the First Place Award for Best Historical Mystery in the Chanticleer International Book Awards, and he was a Finalist in the Heekin Fellowship.

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Free Vlog and Course for Authors

I’m actually offering to teach fellow authors how to create interactive ePub3 versions of their titles, if they want to learn some of the technical stuff involved.

I’m creating the sixth historical mystery in my Portia of the Pacific series, and I should publish it by February, 2021. My series FB page is at:

I will allow authors who Message Me with their emails to see what I’m doing and see if it may be their “cup of tea” to learn how to convert one of their titles.

You can take a free look at the rough draft of my novel, “Stingaree” (set in 1888 San Diego) by registering for free in my eReader here: Once you have an account, you can click on the eBook named “Stingaree,” which will appear on your Library Desktop.

I am currently developing the “choose your suspect” interaction between me and the reader. I have a special “insert story” tool, which allows me to insert five character suspects and their first-person descriptions of the eight scenes I’ve outlined to complete the rest of my legal mystery. This “reader choice element” takes place at the beginning of chapter six in my book. I address the reader personally and give him/her the five suspects in my mystery from which to choose. I place a simple return email javascript form inside my ePub3 document using my Creator Studio component (as easy to use as Word or an html editor).

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The reader’s email and written choice will then be sent to my publisher’s address. Also, my insert story tool allows me to shut-off all the other four suspect choices once they’ve selected the choice they wish to make. What’s cool about this for mysteries, especially, is that the reader will be playing with me as I create my mystery puzzle and it adds an interactive, almost “game” element to the task. All “players” will win some kind of prize at the end of the book, with the ones who choose the real suspect behind the murders winning a coupon code to obtain an enhanced copy of two of my six mysteries in the series that I’ve already developed.

I believe this method can also work for suspense and thriller books, if you use it correctly. Also, with the multimedia video technique, romances and other genres could also be effectively developed for your readers. For example, allowing the reader to choose which action to take at a suspenseful point in your plot, and then add the consequences or rewards of the different choices. This is similar, in theory, to the “choose your adventure” books.

At any rate, if you want to learn from me and possibly even create a book for your own publication down the road (eBook ePub3 multimedia format only), then hit me up. I’d be happy to send you my vlogs on the process when I complete them.

Kind regards,

Jim Musgrave

Proud Indie Author and Publisher