I am an experienced management consultant who has taught management development courses and online marketing, writing, and communication courses at major universities in California, including Caltech, San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, San Diego Mesa, Miramar, Grossmont, and other community colleges.

I have created marketing and communications platforms for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses, and I have upgraded the technology they use based on the client’s needs and purpose. I have worked with schools, local governments, and businesses to establish the latest technology with my private, mobile and secure media-streaming platforms, the EmbellisherStream, the Embellish eReader Meeting, and ePub3 Marketing platforms.

My passion and expertise are in the development and integration of Post-COVID methods of providing video, podcast, livestream, conferencing, and multimedia ePub3 content, which can be delivered through the three platforms mentioned above. Acting as a consultant and broker to my clients, I supply and supervise the content’s creation and production with qualified and vetted providers. I then show the client how such content can serve as the main informational and marketing resource for the client’s business. As my introductory “calling card,” I provide a free marketing campaign or platform demonstration for them, based on their product or service, to show how new revenue streams and/or new client leads can be delivered directly to the client’s online database and bank account.

My marketing copy ePub3 campaign “vehicles,” and innovative platform development, have shown clients I work for their best communication interests. The need for Post-COVID, all-in-one-place integration methods has never been greater. Companies and individuals (authors, entertainers, and teachers) have an immediate obligation to provide fast and efficient online communications and marketing that keeps my client in control of the positive result and safe pivot away from heavy travel, expensive “hop scotch” between big provider platforms and a “return” to the private handling of all digital communications over a trusted network.

Having taught online for over 15 years, I am very well versed on reaching the “end user,” whether that be a student, a prospective client, or a targeted audience for a performance. I show my client exactly how they can use my three platforms to develop the best possible communications for their goals and objectives and organizational effectiveness, at a decent price.

Building Your Digital Marketing Platform by Jim Musgrave


Jim Musgrave

With over 20 years of teaching and consulting experience, Mr. Musgrave is a United States Navy veteran, and San Diego college alumnus who has worked with all types of small, medium and large organizations, as well as private entrepreneurs who want to build and develop their digital brands. He learned his passion for telecommunications in the navy and has followed through with that passion throughout his career as a consultant. Since the military and the civilian sectors have both morphed into having a direct need for “distance communications,” Jim loves serving his clients with discipline, value over complex tech, and client satisfaction over “hit and run” consulting.



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